Aces and Adventures – How to Beat Winter

Guide to Beat Winter

I personally went with chromatic bond, ancient accord, shamal.

  • I felt chromatic bond was critical in winter because there are a lot of enemies with Nullify a suit or color. Having the flexibility to change suits is important so your abilities still hit.
  • Ancient accord was my second trait because it refills your hand allowing you to cast more abilities each turn and not be limited by hand size.
  • The final trait I chose was Shamal to make it easier to play abilities for cheap or even free (again to avoid nullify), but I could see locus of magi being a good choice too.

For my deck building I just chose a mix of offensive spells (blizzard, crystalline fracture, lion’s mane), defensive spells (polar wall and shroud of osiris), several card trick to help me cast my spells and as many flash of insights as available. When playing, I prioritize: level ups, equipment, ability shrines (reducing the cost of my abilities).

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