Against the Storm – How to Deal with Large Sparkdews

Tips for Dealing with Large Sparkdews


Start with six impatience is nice actually, since hostility won’t be an issue early on. Just play normally and perhaps use a human firekeeper.

In Details

As said, it always starts out being a boon as it reduces hostility by a whopping 90.

If it later on becomes a difficulty depends on the prestige level and citadel unlocks. At some prestige level you only lose 0.5 impatience per reputation. That will make a big difference with this modifier. Also one of the collumns in the citadel unlocks makes impatience growth slower. That too is a big difference. You state to be on pioneer and i assume you don’t have too many unlocks in the citadel. So that should make the difficulty of this moderate.

So at the start of the game, you can calculate what you’re in for. Since its really easy to get the first say 6 reputation from orders, lets take that into the calculations. Add the impatience reduction from that to the impatience you have remaining before the bar is full and divide by the stated impatience/minute to see how many minutes you have remaining before impatience is full.

Look at how long your games normally last and see how that compares. If it’s close, remind yourself to not lose villagers, not call in traders early and not let glade events trigger.

If really seems too short, just be aware of the time you have remaining and look harder than you normally do to gain reputation. (normally you might postpone that until you get all the needed reputation in one big endpush, now you’ll need to try and get some earlier).

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