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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my progress be reset with new updates or when the game is fully released?

No, we will never erase your progress with updates or on the full launch. We did our best to ensure that the Early Access programme is as convenient for the players as possible.

The game keeps separate save files (and their backups) for different layers of the game:

  • Current settlement
  • Current World Map cycle
  • Meta progress

No update will ever erase your meta progress – you will keep your experience and Citadel Resources across every update and the full launch. If we change specific Smoldering City Upgrades or remove them, you will get the invested resources back and be able to spend them on other Upgrades.

Your current World Map cycle (the distribution of your settlements on the World Map, other Factions’ settlements, chests, modifiers, etc.) is unlikely to be reset often.

However, your current settlement will have to be force-finished every two weeks when we release new updates. In return, you will be reimbursed with Citadel Resources which you’d normally get for the settlement.

We added a countdown in the main menu later.

Important: Please make sure to complete your settlement before the update if you don’t want it to be force-finished.

The first Steam update is planned for November 10.

  • What happens to my save file when you release new updates?

As explained in the previous answer, the game has separate save files for three different layers of the game. Your meta progress will always remain intact.

However, your current settlement will have to be force-finished every two weeks when we release new updates. In return, you will be reimbursed with Citadel Resources which you’d normally get for the settlement.

We strongly recommend that you complete your settlement before the update. Otherwise, you won’t be able to continue it and you’ll be reimbursed with Citadel Resources.

We added a countdown in the main menu, which shows when the next Update will be released. The first Steam update is planned for November 10 around 2pm – 4pm UTC.

  • Is there a demo available?

Yes! Head to Against the Storm page and click on the Download Demo button above the list of available languages on the right.

  • Does the progress from the demo transfer to the full version?

Yes, the progress from the demo will be loaded automatically when you launch the game and you will be able to continue playing with the new content. The save needs to be available locally on your drive as it won’t transfer automatically from the demo cloud’s save to the Early Access cloud save.

  • Is the progress shared across platforms?

It is! The game uses the same save folder across all platforms.

  • How long is the game going to be in Early Access?

We estimate to stay in Early Access for around 6 months (subject to change).

  • I got the “We failed to restore your settlement” message. What should I do?

This message can appear when the settlement save gets corrupted. Don’t worry, though! The game keeps separate saves and their backups for three different layers of the game (as explained in one of the posts above). Your meta progress is safe.

Firstly, please exit the game (click on the Main Menu button) and verify the integrity of game files on Steam.

If the message continues to appear, then you might have to start a new settlement instead by clicking on “New Game”. Again – your meta progress will remain intact.

  • I have a problem understanding the game. How can I get better?

Against the Storm is a complex game and it might take you a few games to become proficient at it. Here are a few things that can help you know the game better:

  • In-game Atlas – available when pressing [Esc]
  • Alerts – visible on the left side of the HUD. Click on them and the corresponding element will be highlighted or the camera will focus on it.
  • Tooltips – many icons and texts have tooltips with additional information that appear after hovering the mouse on them.
  • Repeat the tutorial – at any point, you can replay the entire tutorial – available when pressing [Esc] on the World Map.

The game will also get easier as you purchase new permanent Upgrades in the Smoldering City.

  • Are there plans for Mac and Linux versions?

For now, there are no plans for official Linux and macOS support.

  • Do you plan to port the game to consoles?

For now, we focus on the PC version. It would be great to have Against the Storm available on consoles one day but for now, there are no specific plans. Keep your fingers crossed!

  • Is the game going to be Verified on Steam Deck?

We like the idea of having the game “Verified” on Steam Deck one day. We haven’t approached this topic yet, though, and hope to put more time into it sometime during Early Access.

While we don’t have the “Playable” badge, some of us and other players played Against the Storm on Steam Deck. In its current state, the game could certainly benefit from the custom layout for better control, and surely the text could be larger in some places. But overall, it was playable (controlled mostly with touchpads). This is by no means an official confirmation that the game is “Playable” on Steam Deck – we don’t have the “Playable” badge from Valve and we haven’t done thorough testing internally.

  • Are you going to add more languages to the game?

We would love to have more languages in the game one day. However, we don’t plan to include more localizations during Early Access. We might be able to add new localizations on a full launch.

  • Will there be multiplayer?

There are no plans for multiplayer or co-op modes. From the very beginning, we designed Against the Storm to be a single-player experience and we’ll continue to add new single-player features to the game during Early Access.

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