Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Grims and Tomes Guide (Trails of Treachery DLC)

Please note: All credit goes to Combine00!

Tomes and grims for Trails of Treachery DLC.

Guide to Grims and Tomes

First Tome

Area just before freeing sleigh, just after sending crate away (Area where you let crate go down the rope on the left of first image).

First Grim

Just after freeing sleigh, grab key and head behind the tower. Bonfire to the left of grim too.

Second Tome

Just after the first time you lose sleigh, after using draw bridge. The fence that breaks if near the tip of the billhook.

Third Tome

Cog wheel area, you can drop from the ledge and grab the tome from below by spamming interact and jumping at it.

Second Grim

Second Grim a little before final event. Not always there; spawns if path takes you right at the cog event.

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  1. I do remember seeing a house near the very end with a locked door and couldn’t figure out how to get in. Inside appeared to have two highlighted openable boxes so there must be a way.

  2. There is a little cave system just after the ice cave that leads to a chest and ammo box when you take the left path, unfortunately, no grim there either 🙁

    It feels weird for the grim to change location when it is easily accessible from both paths.

  3. First time through map taking it slowly exploring every corner. Also just found the location for Grim #2 and it wasn’t there. Simply did not spawn in chest

  4. The third tome can be reached with some platforming from the other side of the building. On the top floor to the right of the rope-way switch, there’s a beam sticking out. Jump there to see a narrow wooden shelf you can jump to. Then a bunch of beams and finally to the shelf where the tome is. Incase you’re playing with bots and already have a tome and have trouble getting the command wheel to stick to the tome jumping from the roof of the saw mill.

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