Age of Wonders 4 – Units Guide


Age of Wonders 4 features a massive amount of units that cover a wide range of uses and strengths. Most units can be recruited from all races, often granting the unit combat bonuses depending on the race’s traits.

To be recruited, each unit requires a certain amount of Gold, which must be paid up-front, and draft, which is paid as much as possible each turn and determines the number of turns it takes for the unit to be finished.

Army banners for an empire’s army of 5 units. The gold banner shows the army is led by the the empire’s ruler. The silver banner shows the army is led by a hero. The last banner shows the army does not contain any heroes.

Army banners for a non-empire armies. The tower banner shows the army belongs to a Free City. The black skull banner shows the army belongs to a Marauder Guard. The red skull banner shows the army belongs to an Infestation.


There are 6 possible ranks for each unit (listed in order of low to high):

  • Recruit
  • Soldier
  • Veteran
  • Elite
  • Champion
  • Legend

As a unit gains XP it will eventually increase its rank, gaining additional +4 hit points and, at higher ranks, additional bonuses depending on the unit in question.

Army Abilities

Army abilities are unlocked by the empire skill with the same name.

  • Excavation can only be used on adjacent Earthen terrain and has a chance to open up new paths, buried treasures or hidden locations.
  • Road Building, when toggled on, will construct roads over hexes the army travels over at the cost of 3 gold per hex without road.
  • Forced march restores the army’s move points at the cost of 30 Hit Points and 60 mana.
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