Aliens: Dark Descent – How to Defeat The Queen on Dead Hills

A guide on how to deal with the Queen on the first mission of Aliens: Dark Descent.

How to Defeat The Queen on Dead Hills and Get Out Safely Afterwards

Remember to Save a Tool

This will be important later.


Sentries are quintessential in defeating the Queen before her underlings arrive, the extra damage is crucial. Place how ever many sentries you have right at the entrance, two worked for me, and this was on Nightmare. Also, make sure there are no drones nearby.

Usage of Grenades

Fire a grenade near the vicinity of a Queen every time you get an alert she’s going to charge. I’ve heard some people say you should grenade the Eggs, but in my experience, the facehuggers are easily gunned down before they can get close, and are only a problem if the Queen isn’t prevented from reaching your squad.

Getting Out

This is where that tool I mentioned earlier in the guide comes into play. Place your squad near the entrance to the Queen’s area to kill the xenomorphs attracted to the fight, your sentries will be positioned in a way that they can’t fire back, but they’ll be a fine enough distraction.

Keep residing in the Queen’s throne room until the hunt dies down, after which you make your way west, to the bridge, and using that tool, weld the door behind you, then activate the bridge.

You should be fine and undetected as you make your way back to the elevator, and back to home base, completing the mission.

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