Aliens: Dark Descent – How Many Times You Can Deploy

Can You Grind for Levels and Supplies?

Every time you return to base the game has a +1 counter, which eventually affects the difficulty/infestation and also I think at some point could game over the game, as you can choose how difficult this “timer” is when you first start the game.

You can “grind” in a sense by not returning to base and seeing how far you can get to collect everything and clear objectives with your marine squad, but every time you’re spotted or chipped away at your marines become more injured, tired, and vulnerable.

The balancing act is how much can you clear without having to return, although returning allows you to level up and equip new things, so eventually you would have to as the challenge becomes too great.

There’s no time limit during missions (normally) so there’s no pressure to speed run anything and you can be as slow as possible slowly getting everything and having lots of resources to spend, but if you go back to base and redeploy too many times (such as having your squad wiped out) then yes I believe there’s an eventual limit, or perhaps the limit is that the infestation would rise too high that it’s too difficult to continue.

All of this is manipulated via the difficulty settings though which are fully customisable, so you could put the game on hard but reduce the “time limit” mechanic down to easy, if you wanted.

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