Aliens: Dark Descent – Guide to Crash Reduction & Performance Increase

A few launch properties that helped me crash less often.

Crash Reduction & Performance Increase

Launch Options

Hey all!

Just wanted to share a couple things that seemed to make my game run more stable. This being an UE4 game, there are a number of launch options that can be used in the properties tab. For me, the biggest ones were:


Especially the first one. Right clicking the game and going to properties (or the gear icon on the game’s main page) then pasting the above arguments in to the launch options bar. Make sure you include a space between the two commands.

Alternatively, you can set the game to windowed mode in game; for both of those you will have to hit alt + enter when you launch the game to get it to fullscreen.

I still have the occasional crash after doing this, but it is much more stable (and runs smoother) since doing both.

GPU Overclock – Potential Issues

I’ve also noticed that this game doesn’t seem to like when you overclock your video card. I’ve played dozens of games with a mild and stable GPU OC and this one crashed like crazy; i could tell it was the GPU as it crashed differently than when it was the fault of the game engine (ie. my AMD software bit the bullet and reported its own errors vs the UE4 errors).

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  1. Without fps limiter the game also crashed my PC once, I have a feeling it was because of heat (I’m sure the hot summer doesn’t help), but I’ve followed someone else’s advice and set the FPS limit to 60 and then later to 80 (I honestly can’t tell the difference above 60 anyway cause I’m old), and found it a lot more stable.

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