Aliens: Dark Descent – Tips for Mission 03: Harper’s Hell (Refinery)

Useful Tips for Mission 03

You have to move bit by bit, setting up defences between each mini waves, using suppression and turrets, slowly moving to the room outside the gooey room, once there you want to quickly tuck yourself right into that narrow passage by the destructible wall and setup and defend.

Once that mini wave is over, setup two turrets facing into the room you are about to breach, breach the wall whilst still sitting in that narrow passage. Once cleared move up to the top of those rooms by the mine corridor and set up for the next wave there. Once it quietens down proceed to the end of the mine tunnel and progress like you did before prior… setup, kill wave, move, setup, kill wave…

The trick is to move quickly between each mini wave… which is like 30 seconds, do not get slowly worked down in strength at each defence point (Which will slowly happen). You want to kill the praetorian (or two) in the mine corridor before going into the room outside gooey room, so you have space to move but the Aliens can only come at you via one or two angles.

Make sure you have grenades, shotguns and/or sniper rifles to quickly hurt the suppressed praetorian… also make sure you use “KTB”, which will prioritise the praetorian. Shotguns and grenades were the most useful… allowing me to funnel and kill the waves also. If you get another praetorian in the room on the other side of the blockade… just make sure you have a defence setup with suppression, and grenade it constantly whilst it’s suppressed.

If you get a onslaught/horde… pay attention to the map where its coming from… you don’t want to be in the narrow bit before the barricade if it’s coming from right next to you… move up and setup defence spread out facing towards the barricade.

If it’s coming from above… you could sit in the narrow passage as long as turrets are spread out facing up with one facing your back to protect it from the 30 second patroller coming out of the nearby hive.

This was a challenge but worked for me on Normal and hard!

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