Amnesia: The Bunker – How to Defeat Monster

This guide is about pest control.

Guide to Kill Monster


To kill the monster you will atleast need:


  • Revolver – 1 and 1 Ammo.
  • Flashlight – 1.
  • Faith – A lot.

Baiting Out the Monster

That thing will come out to attack you if you make too much noise, for example: Running, jumping, throwing objects and cranking the flashlight will attract It to your location.

Get Into Position

Once you’ve attracted it to you, listen carefully to hear from which hole will it emerge. Then back away from that hole in order for you to have some space between you and that thing.

Take Aim

Take aim at it’s head but don’t pull the trigger yet, wait for the perfect moment to make sure you land a perfect headshot on it.

Killing The Monster

Last step is to press the ‘ESC’ button and click on “QUIT TO DESKTOP” then ‘YES’.

At last the bunker is free of any monsters because there aren’t any french people left in it.

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  1. if it charges you like a zoo animal, give it a nice shot to the head, as a warning. If it doesn’t fuck off after that, shoot it one more time in the head, than be sure to T-pose immediately after the 2nd shot. This asserts dominance and tells the creature that you are the alpha male in this situation. if the monster feels threatened by your sigma male actions, it will promptly cower and slink back into its hole, waiting for its next chance to ball with you again.

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