Arcade Paradise – Hexadecimal Achievement Guide

How to possibly unlock a really annoying achievement.

How to Obtain Hexadecimal Achievement

The Achievement and How to Get It

The hexadecimal achievement has no description whatsoever and when you translate it you are met by an interesting surprise that doesn’t help to say the least. I got the achievement on PS5 which records when you get one, so I was able to form two theories of how it possibly unlocked while I was hunting it.

  1. The Octagon game

I happened to get this achievement while playing the game where you dodge octagons around 60 score but I highly doubt this is the cause as the achievement would be more common.

  1. Error codes / bugs

So when I first saw the achievement the first thing I noticed was the code looked similar to error codes when your machines bug. Naturally I figured maybe they could roll it in the string of randoms somewhere or because its a hexadecimal maybe 16 machines needed to bug. Either way around the time I got the achievement a machine broke and I assume had the code in its string somewhere.

The achievement unfortunately gives no context as to unlocking it but I hope this helps in trying to find and unlock this annoying achievement.

Written by Spaghetti Lawyer

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  1. Hint: use an online converter to convert the achievement’s text from hexidecimal to text. You’re in for a surprise : )

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