ARK: Survival Ascended – Fixed Render Thread Crash

How to Fix This

This is a fix for the famous “Render Thread” crash, which happens very frequently in some PCs. It took me 5 days of testing different console commands and almost anything.

Launch the game and then face to the ground to avoid crash.

Configure the settings on the menu:

  • Disable HLOD = ON (right down)
  • UI => Disable Menu Transitions (left down)

On console command type this:

ark.VertexCountScaling 1

You need to repeat this command every time you launch the game.

It works with all settings in Medium but you can set:

  • Advanced Graphics to High and
  • Effects Quality in High

For more FPS use:

r.VolumetricCloud 0

I’ve tested this extensively with fly mode and hasn’t crashed. My rig is an Intel i5 7400 with a GTX 1070 and 8 GB Ram. Ask is installed into an M2 SSD.

If you cannot get past character creation screen, launch your game with -dx11 as launch param in order to create your character. Then restart without any parameter!

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  1. I’ve been having this crash since launch, just tried these commands and it actually works perfect without crashing at all, only downside is that i lose about 20-30 fps with the ark.VertexCountScaling 1 command, but worth it IMO.

  2. I’m the creator of this guide.
    Make sure you set:

    Global Illumination Quality: Medium

    GUIDE To avoid crash:
    Console command: ark.VertexCountScaling 1
    Global Illumination Quality: Medium
    Disable HLOD = ON (right down)
    UI => Disable Menu Transitions (left down)

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