Tips for New Players

  • At least all the starter weapons have “charge” attacks by holding down the relevant button. Some charge attacks make the weapon more powerful, some almost change the attack move completely.
  • Keep moving during a fight. Being a stationary is a quick death.
  • No invincibility frames here on any of the boost. Assault boost has damage mitigation/reduction but you’ll still take damage. You have to not get tagged by the projectiles. If you’re gonna ask why there’s even a quick boost in the first place then my answer is to juke quickly to another direction. Use it at the right time as the shell/missile is coming towards you, you can avoid taking damage completely.
  • Take note that projectiles from different weapon have different speed. Timing when to QB is a must to dodge them well.
  • There’s no one build fits all in this game. you can be a lightweight aerial missile boat in one mission then you can go as a ground pounding heavily armored AC on tank treads that got chainguns, bazooka, grenade launcher and energy cannon on the next one.
  • Also, you can resell parts at the price you paid them, so if a weapon seem meh, sell it and try something else, there is no penalty for doing so.

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