Alt Best Early $$$ COAM Farm

For those who want to have all the items, even if they don’t need it: The original method uses around 1 min for the farm in the mission: “Destroy the tester AC” to make 85~75 k, this method use double the time, make the COAM ($$$) but half the loadscreen and no need for [Assault Armor].

I use the same build as Oroboro, is free from build, you just need rush in the mission “Attack the Dam Complex”.

Enjou, Merc!

A example run in my video (hitless run):

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  1. FYI I used this same build/type of build to speed through the wall mission. The lasers take down the artillery platform easily and it is double the payout of this mission in about the same time.

    • I test the climp wall and my conclusion is: is another similar way, make the 340~350 ever 4 min

      the catch: is a way more risk and skill oriented, if you can make happen consistently, go for it!

      I use this with late game gear and is smooth, worth the run and the time drop to 3 min.

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