ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON – Best Build for Mid/Late Game Bosses

If you strugling with mid or late game bosses, the answer may be easier than you think.


So you strugling with mid or late game boss, and you stumbled on this guide to help you? I hope so, because I will help you with this.

Firstly I have a suggestion and then whole build, but first tell me – are you stuck at Ibis CEL 240 by any chance? Because it’s this POS that conviced me to help others deal with him.

The Build

So, what is this build, and how good is it? Based on mission with CEL – pretty damn good – destoyed first half of the level and didn’t brake a sweat, it was litteraly walk in a park. Then I got to CEL (on which I tried 5 builds before, and none of them worked), and… it was cake walk. Dodge some attacks, stay at 300-400 and spam your attacks. Hm? What you can spam from this far out? Missiles of corse!

You stay far away, he can’t do much, you just need to dodge attacks that do get to you, which is easy with reverse joints that I have here. Now, this particular build is shared, here is it’s code – 9QV9PBW31TCY

But I can undestand that you can simply don’t have acces to some parts as I adjusted it later for my own use, so here it is.


If you don’t want to make out individual names of parts and weapons – here is quick rundown of what you need:

  1. All the missile weapons you can get, the more it shoots – the better.
  2. FCS that have the most missile corection, I think it almost can’t miss with ~150
  3. Light build on revese joints with good middle ground between fast cooldown of QB and it’s power.

That is pretty much it. I hope it helped you and will serve you well. Good luck!


  1. This build is useful, but the main problem I have is keeping 300-400, and dodging some of its bs big hitbox attacks

  2. I’m affraid I bring bad news. the strat didn’t work at all, it just dodge all missile while funnel counter me to death, yes, 150 missile correction stats still miss horibly like storm troopers

    • That is strange. Worked first try wonders for me. Sure there was some dodges because of boss insane mobility, but he reliably got hit with 2 out of 3 barrages while unable to hit me. Also shooting everything as soon as it off cooldown is advised

      • yeaaaa, I did that too, but instead got me out of ammo by phase 2. then again finally beat it by pure RNG it decided to get hit. because before this I basically hit nothing by emptying 50% of all mag

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