ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON – Tips for Intercept the Redguns Mission

Intercept the Redguns Mission

The Build


  • Laser Lance, Plasma Cannon


  • Dual Laser Shotgun Cannons


  • Heavy Reverse Joints


Plasma cannon 1 – 2 shots anything that isnt a heavy MT. Use laser lance if you want to conserve ammo. But you have 90+ rounds so it isnt a big problem tbh.

For heavies and bosses, Pre-charge both shoulders, then charge attack laser lance. Once the melee animation ends, release both shoulders. Non-bosses will die instantly, or at most half health left.

Bosses will instantly stagger and take massive damage. The shoulder attacks can be released immediately after your melee (no lag time) so its basically unavoidable if your melee hits.

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