Baldur’s Gate 3 – Find Arabella’s Parents Quest Guide (Act 2)

Meeting Arabella

If the party saved Arabella during Save Arabella and protected the Druid Grove as part of Save the Refugees, Arabella will travel to the Shadow-Cursed Lands along with the other tiefling refugees.

Arabella searches for her parents in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.

Arabella (X:-153, Y:15) can be found in Reithwin Town, north of the Sharran monument and west of the Mason’s Guild. When the party approaches, she calls out to them.

A pair of Shadows attack and Arabella uses a vine attack to restrain them. If asked how she got the powers, she explained that she was changed after touching the Idol of Silvanus and now has strange magical abilities.

The party can ask Arabella if she can teach them how to do her magic, or simply worry about her wellbeing. She says that she was separated from her parents after Zevlor froze up and the refugees were ambushed by Absolute cultists.

She managed to run away but lost sight of her parents, who she’s now seeking. Arabella asks if the party would be willing to find them, to which they can either agree or say they’ll do it if she teaches them magic.

Arabella then asks if she can stay at their camp until her parents are found, as the vines don’t hold the Shadows forever. If the party agrees, she’ll stay in camp next to Withers.

Finding Arabella’s Parents

Arabella’s parents, Locke and Komira, can be found in the children’s ward (X:-185, Y:12) of the House of Healing (X:-199, Y:-16), in the eastern wing. There, their bodies are tended to by Sister Lidwin. If the party talks to Sister Lidwin, she does not understand that they are dead.

She thinks she can still save them and is messing with Locke’s body. With a Deception or a Sleight of Hand check, she can be convinced that her “patients” are cured.

Locke’s corpse can be spoken to with Speak with Dead. He confirms that Komira is his wife and Arabella is his daughter. If asked how he died, he explains that he and his wife ran to the House of Healing after the ambush on the refugees, believing it to be abandoned.

They were attacked by the surgeon sisters. He doesn’t know where Zevlor is. Komira cannot be spoken to, as her corpse refuses to speak.

Breaking the News

How Arabella takes the news depends on when she is told. If the party finds her parents’ corpses before finding Arabella, then there is an option to tell her immediately. If this is done, then Arabella is shocked and upset, and runs off into the shadows.

If, instead, Arabella goes to camp and is able to grow a bond with Withers, then she takes the news much better. She still storms off in shock, but returns and is able to process it better. In the end, Withers encourages her to go her own way and follow the Weave, stating that she has her own destiny to follow. Arabella remains in camp until the end of Act Two.

Quest Rewards

  • Shadow Blade Ring
  • Arabella’s Shadow Entangle


If Arabella is sent to camp, then she’ll eventually leave and return in Act Three. She can be found in the City Sewers, west of the City Sewers Waypoint.

If she’s spoken to, she says she’ll help the party with the final battle, adding her as an ally for Gather Your Allies.

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