BattleBit Remastered – Classes Tier List

Tier List for All Classes

Because cover and structures are everything to a prolonged firefight, Engineer is a solid A+. Vehicles can arbitrarily eat RPGs like marshmallows, but buildings sure can’t.

Because grenade spam is meta right now and supports get 4 of them plus heavy ammo boxes for even more nades for everyone, support is S-tier but its starting gun sucks. M249 kinda slaps though if you can hit anything with the vert+horiz recoil.

Because TTK in this game gets kinda weird sometimes with armor, Recon is a solid B. I wish they got the SOFLAM binoculars by default, because the normal and Advanced bino are literally worthless. Snipers also take multiple shots to the chest to kill all classes, as far as I can tell. HOWEVER, on SPECIFIC maps, Recon becomes S-tier by virtue of *verticality*. The grapplehook can get a whole squad of people up onto cranes, towers, cliffs, all sorts of places you normally “can’t” be, and then you can sandbag it and slap a rallypoint down and be annoying as hell. In THAT situation, S-tier.

Assaults are kind of worthless right now in comparison to medics but are getting a buff soon, of extra reload speed, ADS speed, and I think swap speed. They still can’t heal themselves to full after every engagement, which bars them from S-tier, but they’re still a solid A because ARs are up there in the meta with their broken TTK. Plus, 3 grenades and the ability to bring ammo kits makes them mini-Supports for nade spam.

And then there’s medic. Borderline immortal, if you get a squad of medics to stick together they basically cannot die because of how fast they can stop bleeding, revive, daisy-chain heal, and they still get 2 nades plus plenty of ammo for the REALLY meta weapons, the high ROF SMGs. The MP7, PP2000, etc, basically renders even Support’s armor irrelevant, don’t ask me how. They’re practically recoil-free, have big mags, you get a lot of mags for them, and you’re fast as hell using them. You will see a LOT of medics running around like this is COD:Warzone, laserbeaming heads left and right, with the highest K/D of all the classes. They are *annoyingly* S-tier.

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