BattleBit Remastered – How to Play Recon

Welcome to my guide here is everything you need to know about playing Recon.

Guide to Play Recon

How to Get Good At Killing Bad Guys!

  • Step 1: Select Recon
  • Step 2: Find a Sniping Position
  • Step 3: Locate Bad Guys
  • Step 4: Shoot Bad guys (If you missed proceed to step 6, if you hit him proceed to step 5)
  • Step 5: Congrats you hit the bad guy! But now you must hit him again! (disregard if it was a head shot, Proceed to step 7 if it was a kill)
  • Step 6: Aw! So Close!, Now Re-adjust your shot! (If missed again Repeat Step 6, If it was a hit Proceed to step 5)
  • Step 7: Congrats You killed the Bad Guy! (Repeat steps 2 through 7)
  • Step 8: If you died Repeat steps 2 through 7

Goofy Tactics!

There are a couple of fun tactics out there for Recon! If sitting in one place is getting a bit boring. There is the Drone Strike! P.O.V. You Are A Taliban Soldier, Classic C4 Car (Bf3 and BF4 Classics), and the ♥♥♥ It We Ball.

Drone Strike: Attach C4 or more preferably Anti-Personal mines onto a scout drone and ram it into unsuspecting foes. Anti-Personal mines detonate automatically unlike C4. Although you can use Anti-Tank Mines or C4 so you can target Armored vehicles or aircraft

P.O.V. You Are A Taliban Soldier: Suicide C4…. Do I need to say more?

Classic C4 Cars: Attach C4 or Anti-Tank mine onto you Vehicle and ram into enemy Vehicles and watch as they explode earning free points.

Last but not least, ♥♥♥ It we Ball: It can be combination of previous tactics and you running at the enemy with a close range scope on your sniper or DMR and praying that you are not the first one to be shot.


All the attachments are completely based on how you want to play. Like being a quiet sneaking marksman, the long rang sniper, or any other type, But if you want to be better at sniping I recommend any attachments that increase shell velocity and faster racking of the bullet on snipers.

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