For Honor – Tips to Defeat Afeera

Afeera Tips

Afeera is currently around a top 5 duelist in the game, so you and many other people struggle against her, she’s strong. I’ll list a few tips.

  • If at all possible, fight Afeera away from any walls. Her wallsplat after a bash does an absolutely ♥♥♥ stupid 43 damage. This is easily accessible in neutral, in chain, and is even a heavy parry punish. For reference, this damage is on par with many characters’ oos punishes and Jormungandr’s heavy finisher wallsplat.
  • Her feats… are just really, really strong. Her tier 1 is one of the strongest tier 1s in the game (maybe THE), and her tier 3 is a busted defensive move that just completely negates any blockable offense whenever the Afeera wants AND does a ton of damage with a quick bash. Reacting is possible… but very hard, since they are 500ms neutral (meaning no dodge to ready you for the mix) bashes. The two tricks here are to expect them when they’re oos; if you dodge one you can get a gb oos punish, so that’s neat. 2, look at your opponent’s feat bar. If their feats are greyed out, you can be a bit more aggressive. With the feats’s low cooldowns though… this is rare.
  • Her cartwheel looks scary, but honestly isn’t very strong. A majority of the time if you see an Afeera cartwheel against you in a 1v1, you can just light them and you’ll come out on top. If they start parrying you, that may be a problem and you’ll actually have to deal with her mix.
  • Many Afeera seem addicted to her CC lights; I know thats anecdotal but they are very strong tools. That being said, don’t be too afraid to just feint some neutral heavies to try and fish out a CC light, and then parry it.
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