BattleBit Remastered – How to Heal Yourself & Teammates

A guide teaching you to heal. Simply getting bandaged up won’t bring players back up to full health in BattleBit Remastered.

Guide to Heal Yourself & Teammates

How to Heal

There are technically two ways to stop dying after getting shot. First, if players get hit and start bleeding, they can press 3 by default on the keyboard to start bandaging themselves up. This will stop their health from going down, but it won’t make it go up either.

Unlike in other FPS games, actual healing here can only be provided by the Medic class. They come equipped with medkits that can restore a player’s health back up to full. Medics can do this by equipping their first-aid kits (bound to the 5 key by default) and right-clicking on an injured ally.

It will take a few seconds before they get back to full health, so ask the teammate to stand still so they don’t go back to the battle still injured.

Medics can use their healing kits to patch themselves up by pressing the left mouse button. Alternatively, they can throw medkits down by tapping on the X key. Once the kit is on the ground, every friendly player on the team will be able to walk up to it and heal themselves without any further input from the medic. Only two medkits are on a player’s inventory at a time, and any one of them that’s been thrown on the floor can be picked up again.

When reviving an ally, they will usually come back to life at half health. Players that have gone down should stay done until the Medic is done patching them up. The only exception to this is if they are revived on a precarious spot and are taking enemy fire.

Bandages are only used to stop bleeding and revive downed allies. Medics spawn with 20 of these while the other classes have only 3 or 4.

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