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Welcome to the wobbledog shelter! Drop off unwanted dogs, choose from our list of available dogs, and request specific dogs. Why choose wobbledog shelter for all your wobbledog needs? Because it would be fun to have a sort of dog shelter rp thing. Just a silly little idea I had.

Guide to Wobbledog Shelter

How to Adopt a Dog

We want to make sure our wobbledogs o to the best homes, so we do not have our codes on the page displaying the dog. If you wish to add the dog to your roster after viewing their information and preferences, express your interest in adopting the dog by commenting their name, and a provide a screenshot of the room you intend to put them in. Once it has been decided to meet their preferences, and to be sufficient to house them, and no one else has provided a better room, you will receive their code, and be able to adopt them.

The reason the adoption process is like this is because this is sort of a role play type thing. There are definitely easier ways to get a wobbledog.

Available Dogs

  • Wallet
  • Traits: None
  • Preferences: Wallet enjoys being able to explore, and prefers an area were it can fly. Wallet also prefers no to minimal other dogs.
  • Body/Tail Colour: Light pink
  • Legs/Head Colour: light blue
  • Ears/Nose Colour: dark grey
  • Leg Size (ie. short and thin, long and thin): front: regular length/thickness, back: thick
  • Body Size (ie. medium, large): medium
  • Head Size (ie. fits body, too small for body): fits body
  • Body Type (ie. tall, flat, short): base
  • Wings? y
  • Tail? y
  • Horns? n
  • Wing type(ie. feathery, bat-like): insect
  • Wing Size(ie. large, small, tiny): small
  • Wing amount: 2
  • Tail type(ie. plume, curly): fluffy, straight
  • Tail size(ie. large, small, tiny): Small
  • Tail amount: At least 4
  • Age: Young Adult
  • Other specifications: three insect eyes on both sides

Request a Dog

Currently not taking dog requests, but this will be open soon.

To request a dog, you must list preferred traits. Note that any traits you don’t list will be random. Requested dogs will take longer to be ready.

Your dog request should be formatted as this:

  • Trait(s):
  • Body/Tail Colour:
  • Legs/Head Colour:
  • Ears/Nose Colour:
  • Leg Size(ie. short and thin, long and thin):
  • Body Size(ie. medium, large):
  • Head Size(ie. fits body, too small for body):
  • Body Type(ie. tall, flat, short):
  • Wings? y/n
  • Tail? y/n
  • Horns? y/n
  • Wing type(ie. feathery, bat-like):
  • Wing Size(ie. large, small, tiny):
  • Wing amount:
  • Tail type(ie. plume, curly):
  • Tail size(ie. large, small, tiny):
  • Tail amount:
  • Horn type(ie. curved, tall):
  • Horn size(ie. large, small, tiny):
  • Other specifications:

Unwanted Dogs

If you have a dog that you no longer need or want, instead of just releasing them or storing them for all eternity, you can give the wobbledog shelter their code before releasing them so that someone else may find joy in them. These dogs will be put up for adoption by the wobbledog shelter, so you will not be getting them back, unless you adopt them.

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