Battlefield 2042 – How to Unlock All the Things (Easy and Fast)

The fastest way to unlock pretty much everything in Battlefield 2042.

Fastest Way to Unlock Everything

All credit goes to RileyTaugor!

EA enabled progression system in PVE mod once again which means you can unlock every single thing in PVE mod (Solo & Coop mod).

Things you can unlock

  • Your Account level
  • Weapons
  • Mastery (Could be capped, not sure yet)
  • Weapon attachments
  • Vehicle unlocks
  • Character skins
  • Steam achievements



I’ve tested both modes (Breakthrough vs. Conquest) but i think Breakthrough is way better overall. But both modes work.

I think you should be able to unlock everything but if you find some type of “cap”, let me know, so i can edit this ^

One Bot Match:

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    • It’s not a bug.
      The XP gained is greatly reduced in both bots and portal. However tasks like character skins, weapon attachments and camos work fine. Same with vehicles

      This means that you should play PVP to level quickly, using casper’s drone, proxy sensors etc but when you have the weapons/vehicles you want unlocked, then you can go into solo v bots and grind the vehicles/guns there to level them including operator skins

      TL:DR PVP for XP and bots to unlock stuff/skins for operators/guns/vehicles

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