Big Ambitions – Beginner Tips

Tips for New Players

The the idea is to diversify. Check the market insider app and see what products are in high demand for the Garment District and add those. Technically you can sell any product in any store. The store type just determines what attracts people to the store, when they get there they can buy whatever you offer.

So for example, people will come into a fast food place expecting burgers, but, they could buy some expensive jewelry while they are there.

In my game, donuts and fries were at the top of the demand list so I added those and started making a profit. the problem is that the starter store has very limited space and some of the fast food items are very large.

Other things you can do are to shift the schedule around. People tend to want fast food at night more than in the morning; mornings are more the realm of coffee shops. If you have a cleaner, they only need to work a few hours at night so you can save some hourly wages by reducing their shift part time cleaners are the best.

Another problem is that the tutorial has you starting a HQ very early with distribution, logistics, purchasing, etc. This is all added cost which eats into your meager profits. The tutorial is trying to introduce game features, but, it doesn’t do it in a profitable way.

Try to ignore the objectives for a bit and go off and build a bigger more profitable store on the side, then go back to the tutorial and finish objectives. Don’t worry, Uncle Fred will set you loose eventually, and then he won’t even return your calls until you become a millionaire.

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