Blade & Sorcery – How to Quadruple Wield (with Index Controllers) / U10

A trick for both levitating and holding weapons simultaneously. I’m not sure how/if it maps onto other controllers.

How to Both Levitate an Object and Hold an Object With One Hand

Levitate the object you want to with grip and then use the touchpad and trigger to grab the object you want to hold. You can then let go of the touchpad and trigger to hold the object more comfortably.

How to Shoot The Levitated Object, Without Letting Go Of The Object in Your Hand

First press down the touchpad and trigger one more time. Then let go of the grips. This will send the levitated object flying, while the object in your hand remains in place. You can then grip the object in your hand normally.

How to Get The Levitated Object Spinning

First repel the levitated object by pushing down on the touch pad. Then let go and attract it again by pressing the trigger. Then keep the trigger pushed town and push down again on the touchpad. After it starts spinning, you can let go of both the touchpad and the trigger once more, and you now have two held weapons alongside two spinning levitated weapons.

A Really Overpowered Build Using This

The most overpowered way I found to use this was to hold two kite shields, while levitating two spinning claymores. This provides completely overpowered defense and attack.

In order to get the weapons to fit in your inventory, you can either swap the claymores for war swords or swap the kite shields for bucklers.

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