Bloons TD 6 – Late Game Tips and Towers

Tips for achieving higher rounds.

Guide to Late Game

Early Game

So before you start, I recommend to play on either Logs or Cubism. These maps are probably the best for late game, also you can play on easy for cheaper towers. If you choose Logs, place VTSG onto the water using 0-3-1 Ice Monkey, also build carrier flagship so it gives VTSG a boost. Start farming as soon as possible, since late game towers are very expensive. You can either use 5-2-0 farm, 4-2-0 farm with monkey farmers or if you are lazy just use 0-2-5 farm, 0-2-4 farm with some monkey bucaneers (0-2-5 boosts other merchants in the range, and spam 0-2-4.) These two bottom path towers work really well together.

What hero to pick?

I recommend to use Ezili, since her abilities are pretty decent late game, also she has a percentage damage.

Sacrificial Totem

Boosts your towers in range, it adds extra pierce, attack range, attack speed and projectile speed (Note: This ability costs you 10 lives, so I recommend to have Monkey Wall Street somewhere on the map.).


Gives damage over time to MOAB it locks on.

What powers to use?

In the late game you should definitely use Tech Bot, since it can automatize abilities of towers you connect it with. Tech bot costs only 50 monkey money.

How to use tech bot?

Click on the tech bot ability and then choose tower of your choosing. When the ability is avaible will activate.

For example, if you want VTSG to be automatically ultraboosted, connect tech bot with 0-5-2 engineer, click on the same tech bot and then choose VTSG.

Late Game Towers

Damage towers

Vengeful True Sun God – This is a late game must have (Use with Alchemist 5-2-0, Village 2-5-0, Engineer monkey 0-5-2). If your VTSG is on water, also build carrier flagship for a boost.

Paragons – I would recommend to put pretty much every paragon on the map. (Note: You can’t boost paragons.)

Bloon Master Alchemist – Very high pop power.

M.A.D. – Pretty high pop power.

Bloon Exclusion Zone – Pretty high pop power.

Master Bomber – Pretty high pop power. Also can stun MOABS.

Support towers

Energizer – Reduces ability cooldown of towers in range. Have Engineer monkeys close to this tower, if you do not have a map with water use Portable Lake power.

Super Glue – temporarily immobilizes all affected Bloons.

Cripple MOAB – Slows down MOABS.

Glue Storm – Glue storm ability, lasts 15 seconds. Bloons take extra damage while glued.

Moab Domination – Can knockback MOABS.

Blooncineration – Decent tower, strips DDT camo.

Grand Saboteur – Use his ability with a tech bot.

These are probably the best late game towers in my opinion , you can most certainly use other towers too, beware of the huge lag.

Also boost every tower with 2-4-0 village and 4-2-0 alchemist.

Written by SebikTom

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