Bloons TD Battles 2 – Best 3 Monkey Combo (Red, Yellow and White Arenas)

This guide will show you what 3 monkeys you should be using on the first 3 arenas.

Guide to 3 Monkey Combo

The Tack Shooter

Now we all know that the tack shooter is a very good tower but exactly what crosspath should you be using? I would say that the 2-0-3 or 2-0-4 crosspath is the best as it can deal with many bloons at a time.

The Dartling Gunner

Now the dartling gunner is the monkey you would use only if your opponent starts sending big waves of bloons which causes your tack shooters to be overwhelmed. To deal with this, use a 2-3-0 or a 2-4-0 dartling gunner for its incredible AOE damage.

The Wizard Monkey

The wizard monkey provides many, many uses for your other towers and will be the only tower where there is 2 different crosspaths that are good. The first one being a 0-3-2 as it can deal with everything except purple bloons which your tack shooters or dartling gunners can clean up. Now for when you are in the yellow or white arena, camo bloons sends will be an issue, mainly camo purple group sends because while your wizard can see them, they can’t pop them which is why you should get at least 2 (1 for the front and 1 for the back) 0-2-3 wizard monkeys as they will be able to decamo almost everything that comes through.

Dealing with ZOMGs

I didn’t exactly want to put this in so that only I could do it but I will anyways. Now with all this power a big issue is going to be when your opponent sends a ZOMG. Now while you can pop it, it is best not to as the ceramic and MOAB spam after will be waaaay too much. As soon as you are able to send a ZOMG, always send it ASAP. If your opponent has already sent one, direct your dartling gunners away from the ZOMG to avoid popping the outer layer and wait out a few more rounds, which you will then be able to send DDTs, most of the time, your opponent will not have anything to pop the DDT as they proabably won’t have anything that can pop a black, lead and camo. The DDT, being faster than a ZOMG, will storm through the opponent’s defenses, and you will win even though they sent an entire ZOMG first.

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  1. Try to pop the ai bloons asap, since this will send new rounds faster, allowing you to get the ddts faster

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