Bloons TD Battles 2 – Tips for New Players

Beginners Tips

A Solid Strat

There are several strategies in this game some would include obyn and a bunch of druids plus some other buff towers but there are some things to think about when making a strat :

  1. Poping power: you need solid strong towers that deal tons of damage for late game so you don’t need insane towers early game but later on Yes.
  2. Bloon types: you need towers that can pop all kinds of balloons from camos to whites and blacks so ave a wide variety of towers on you at all times (ninja monkey is a well rounded tower but you need to upgrade it to pop leads
  3. Revolve around your hero: your hero should be the center of your strat what buffs dose he give to near by towers if any and what balloons can he/she not pop a hero like striker Jones cant pop black or zebras so in this case you need a tower that has a non-explosive attack.


  • Always be on top of your Eco this makes you get more money.
  • Send reds at the beginning to get you to a start.
  • If you don’t know how Eco works If you send weak balloons to gain Eco if you send a powerful balloon like a moab you lose Eco.
  • Eco is how much money you gain over time so its very useful to have early on.

Getting Victory

  1. Having a strat is a great way to keep living.
  2. Have a good Eco so you can have more money.

Then you can move on to the killing process so if you want to win look at the other players side and ask your self if a re-gen rainbow rush came at them would the handle it beaus if not its a shur-fire path to victory if they can well move to the next tip.

Consider other types of balloons to like ceramics and such you can also make them regen and camo through settings in the sending menu (check for holes in their strat because say the cant pop leads you now know their weakness). Now if no normal balloon works Its time …

Note: use this tip with caution as moab class balloons subtract from your Eco.

Ask your self if they could with stand the power of a moab or BFB, ZOMG, and etc… if you know they cant send one because your Eco wont matter when you win the round because if a moab class balloon gets through you automatically die.

Other Helpful Tips

There are some things that are hard to defend against as we com back to the point about recognizing holes in your opponents strat we think of leads or regen rainbows but mi going to tell you some dangerous combos of balloon and other tips and tricks:

  1. Camo leads.
  2. Regen ceramics.
  3. If you send a moab class balloon then fast balloons like pinks towers that are set to first (the default setting) they will go for the pinks instead of the moab
  4. If you see your opponent struggling ( a tip used in the last game with powers as a bonus) use the power balloon boost. This makes all the balloons on their side buffed.
  5. A cheap 0-0 monkey can fend of the first few rounds you can use this to your advantage because that will let you save some money for a little later.
  6. Have a game plan. What i mean by this is know the basic premise of what your going to do what tower will you place down first and you don’t have to plan for the entire match. But until round 10-20 so your in a good position to make dissensions without a plan.
Written by Tremor

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