The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – Best Stealth & Running Build Guide

One of the strongest build in this game for run.

Guide to Best Stealth & Running Build


  • Character: Julie


  • Intuition – Holding a key item (fuse/valve) highlights the location it can be used for 40/70/100 seconds.
  • Choose flight – Once depleted, your stamina bar will instantly refil. Has 1/2/3 charge(s).
  • Any perk you like. I picked sneaky pete.
  • Sneaky pete – Your Stealth is increased by 3/5/7 points.


Use all point to increase proficiency level.


This build give you very fast skilled tasks and interactions, such as lock picking. Choose flight give you opportunity refil your full stamina up to 3 times, which would be very helpful during a chase.

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