Bomber Crew – Tips to Survive

There are several tips helping you survive longer…probably.

Survivors Tips

Plane Settings

  1. It is OK to rage quit to save everyone.
  2. It is also OK to not have fire extinguishers by looking for a good RNG. However, there are some stages almost 100% ignite something in the plane, so take one is probably the maximum. If 2, start again because fire kills crews instantly.
  3. Takes 2 fragile lightweight engines is OK, and you only need them for take off, but make sure the other 2 are somehow durable. Put the durable ones outside to cover the fragile ones somehow, or put the durable ones inner and focus on repairing them, your call. You only need ONE engine to keep flying.
  4. According to tip 1, you also don’t need to have pigeons, parachute, and boats.
  5. Be sure to close everything (Landing Gear and Bomb Bay) to prevent extra damage.
  6. Cover the plane with Mk 6 armor is a good option. I did not find any difference in speed.
  7. Level 2 Radar is quite enough for having everything covered.
  8. Self-Sealing MK1 is still a good option, which saves engineer from exposing themselves and probably have more time dealing with engines.
  9. Improve landing gear and electric system first. They have greater marginal profit since oxygen tank sometimes break anyway.

Crew Setting and Skills

  1. Be sure to check the lock button on the pilot. You may accidentally move the pilot somewhere else and crash the whole plane.
  2. The engineer should at least have some decent armor rather than moving speed. It is also OK to have the engineer fully armored. Repairing the last engine while under attack is the worst situation. The engineer will lose all the progression and cannot be rescued.
  3. Bomb Aimer should also have Gunner training,
  4. Whatever the ammo Gunners have, spam them. They are still slightly more effective regardless the types when you don’t have time to differentiate enemies.
  5. Lean is still an OP skill. Use this as soon as it is ready when relocating the bomber.
  6. Be sure to heal the gunners by pressing F. An attack can burn 50% of the health of a gunner even when the gunner is fully armored.
  7. The crews are still tolerant to the cold. Keeping the plane at the medium attitude not damaging them too much and avoid some attacks.
  8. Keep the altitude at least the medium. Go to the low altitude only when necessary. Medium altitude saves fuels and also saves your plane from ground fire.
  9. Corkscrew skill changes your altitude, so be sure to select the target altitude first.
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