Book of Hours – Knowledge Tree, Soul Parts and You: Explanatory Guide

Making sense of the knowledge tree and how to get stats out of it.

Guide About Knowledge Tree and Soul Parts

What Is the Knowledge Tree?

It’s where you allocate your skills, along the branches of 9 wisdoms. In return, for each skill placed you get a soul part. Which are your stats. Simple as that.

There are 9 soul parts. There are 9 branches on the tree. Each of the 9 branches can give you one of 2 soul parts, depending on the skill you place.

Wisdoms and Soul Parts

  • Nyctrodromy – Fet or Shapt
  • Skolekosophy – Shapt or Ereb
  • Bosk – Ereb or Health
  • Preservation – Health or Chor
  • Birdsong – Chor or Trist
  • Hushery – Trist or Wist
  • Ithasry – Wist or Phost
  • Illumination – Phost or Mettle
  • Horomachistry – Mettle or Fet

And That’s It

Plan your way around the tree to get the soul parts you need. Having at least 1 of each soul part is incredibly helpful, so try to avoid duplicates on your first ring.

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