Cassette Beasts – Ranger Captain Guide

A quick and simple guide to finding Ranger Captains, contains spoilers.

Ranger Captain #1: Wallace

Note: There will be map spoilers and/or solution spoilers.

Captain Wallace is pretty hard to miss for the most part, located right outside of ‘Ranger Outpost’ where, you get your task of collecting stamps from the other rangers.


[Activating the lever will rotate the bridge on the left (as it’s shown), allowing you to get to Wallace]

[Map Location]

Ranger Captain #2: Skip

Captain Skip is pretty easy to get to, you’ll need to have unlocked the ‘Bulletino Dash’ ability, letting you get onto ‘West Harbourtown’

[Captain Skip]

[Right next to ‘West Harbourtown’]

[Map Location]

[Fast Bulletino]

Ranger Captain #3: Zedd

Captain Zedd’s a little more out of sight, but you should be able to see him clearly once you walk a little to the right.

[Captain Zedd]

[Little Tip]

[Map Location]

Ranger Captain #4: Judas

Judas is pretty easy, you pretty much just need to head straight down from Zedd and you’ll find him, right on a little patch of land.

[Captain Judas]

[Map Location]

Ranger Captain #5: Clee-0

I don’t have a screenshot on-hand of where the coin is (will get to that later) but tracking the coin quest you’re given when you talk to her will give you the location.

[Captain Clee-0]

[Map Location]

Ranger Captain #6: Lodestein

Getting to Lodestein isn’t all that much trouble, but you’ll need to use the ‘Bulletino Dash’ ability to get to him. You’ll need to break a boulder close by, revealing a switch. You’ll need to flip the switch on, and quickly go to the place where the first ‘tower’ will appear. From then you’ll jump to the 2nd tower and use your ‘Bulletino Dash’ to get to the tower close by him.

Once you’ve done that, you can either use your dash at the bottom of the stairs, propelling you to Lodestein, or use your magnetism ability to float over to him.

[Captain Lodestein]

[Lever under boulder]

[Little tip]

[Map Location]

Ranger Captain #7: Penny Dreadful

[Captain Penny Dreadful]

[Map Location]

Ranger Captain #8: Gladiola

[Captain Gladiola]

[Little tip]

[Lever used to float to Gladiola, it runs out relatively fast]

[Map Location]

Ranger Captain #9: Heather

[Captain Heather]

[Just keep going north from the Mire Sea campfire and you’ll find her]

[Map Location]

Ranger Captain #10: Buffy

[Captain Buffy]

[To the West (left) you’ll find a green button, that’ll allow you to float up]


[After getting up and crossing the wooden plank bridge, go up and then to the right, you’ll see a bridge like below, with a switch next to it. Toggle the switch and that’ll be your path to Buffy]

[Map Location]

Ranger Captain #11: Cybil

[Captain Cybil]

[Map Location]

Ranger Captain #12: Codey

You’ll need the vine ability that lets you climb in order to get to Codey, which you can get from [Piper Farm] by using ‘Skelly Jelly’ on the pumpkins. This area is right by Captain Lodestein.

[Captain Codey]

[You’ll need to climb up here, then climb up the wall to your left]

[Climb up here]

[The easiest way to get up, just need to climb]

[Map Location]

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  1. Thank you SO much! I found EVERYONE except Skip. I accidentally skipped him. No pun intended

  2. I’m stuck on Clee-O, I can’t find the coin, the Coin operated quest points me NW of Harbough town, can’t find anything of interest there, another guide suggested a cave in the Deadlands but I ant find that either.

    • What area does it say the coin is for you? It might be random, since my coin was in the open, if you have a screenshot I can try looking to see if that area has any hidden places or anything.

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