Chained Echoes – Hermit’s Isle Guide

Hermit’s Isle and Recruiting

You can recruit people to your base. Some come to just expand the base, others bring special abilities that contribute to your adventures. Every time you see your base upgraded, you have gained a rank. There are 4 ranks in total.

Recruitable after unlocking Hermit’s Isle

  1. Pavel: On a raft in the south west of the world map. – Gifts an item every hour.
  2. Vesta: On an island in a lake on the world map north east of Farnsport. – Shows treasure chests in an area.
  3. Bao: On the top of Mt. Rydell where you fought the Kortara Kondor. – Enemies have a 50% chance to reward an additional SP
  4. Guy: On the upper level of Wyrnshire’s northern area.
  5. Bernd: In a house in Rockbottom. – After reaching the highest clan rank, he gives you a Soul of Farnese.
  6. Deimsch: Smith close to the bazaar in Farnsport who helped you with the crafting tutorial. – Let you use an anvil in your base.
  7. Tellah: Island in western Arkant – Shows where to find items in the inventory and deals menu.
  8. Gormit: On the eastern platform of Hooge
  9. Eddie: On an airship flying in the western part of the world map. – Let you listen to music.
  10. Pignon: In the forest area of Perpetua you visit throughout the story. – Opens a relaxing place where you can view animals and plants.
  11. Falora: Just visit the south of Hermit’s Isle. – Gives hints on where to find new recruits.

Recruitable after reaching clan rank 2 and reaching act 3

  1. Murchand: Flandern – Opens a shop on Hermit’s Isle
  2. Bob: In the park in Tormund West.
  3. Archy: Island on Shambala
  4. Kayn Sivar: Farnsport entrance. – Allows you to use other airship models.
  5. Linus: Running in circles through Tormund Underground – Plays random SFX.
  6. Thopas: Shambala. Disguised as a Sova. – Crystal Sources net an additional crystal.
  7. Triony: Catching fish close to Magnolia’s house in Farnsport. – After reaching the highest clan rank, he gives you a Soul of Farnese.

Recruitable when reaching clan rank 3 and reaching act 4

  1. Gimaj: Under Waterfall in western Ograne – Battles have a 50% chance to reward 5 additional SP.
  2. Zellor: Camp in Perpetua Desert. – Shopping costs are reduced by 25%.
  3. Bernd’s wife: Rockbottom – Lets you choose which crystal types are dropped by Crystal Sources.
  4. Jack: Fiorwoods middle
  5. Fridolyn: On vacation island after his quest.
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