Chained Echoes – All Class Emblems Guide

Where to Find All Class Emblems

Class Emblems

There is a total of 12 class emblems in the game:

  1. Cleric: Through the story in the Narslene Sewers.
  2. Warrior: Northeast of the seaside village on the plateau. To reach it, go to Basil and leave the area through the forest in the south east. Drop down the hole and follow the path until you reach the statue.
  3. Vampire: In the scientist’s camp in Fiorwoods. From the central area of the Fiorwoods head south and go through the hidden paths (watch out for the marks in the leaves).
  4. Shaman: In Perpetua, run north from the place the barrier is or once was in the story. Before reaching the next area in the north you will find some mushrooms you can jump on to the west. Follow them until you reach the next area and the statue.
  5. Monk: On the top floor of Kindreld Monastery.
  6. Bandit: In the hidden Crab Village in the north of Rockbottom (but in the same area). Head through some trees to reach it.
  7. Summoner: Arkant southwest island. Flying must be unlocked.
  8. Mage Warrior: In the western part of Ograne where the Tadeyes live.
  9. Chemist: On the southwestern island of Shambala.
  10. Pyromancer: Reward for clearing a Leonar Temple (see Leonar’s Challenges).
  11. Rune Knight: Reward for clearing a Leonar Temple (see Leonar’s Challenges).
  12. Gambler: Reward for clearing a Leonar Temple (see Leonar’s Challenges).

Sacred Waters

Sacred Waters are used to access the Leonar Challenges and get the Class Emblems.

  • 1-5: Reward Board Chain Rewards
  • 6: Automatically stolen by Sienna in the main story in Farnsport
  • 7: In the central area of Tormund.
  • 8: Leviathan Tunnel, south east
  • 9: In the eastern part of Perpetua. North of the desert.
  • 10: Hooge on the eastern platform.
  • 11: Wyrnshire Castle
  • 12: Western part of Ograne Grottos

Leonar’s Challenges

Get three Class Emblems and ultimate weapons for Ba’Thraz and Lenne by finishing Leonar Temples. Solve orb puzzles there.

First, grab the Church Key from the last chest in Empyrean Ruins. Use it to unlock the Church in Perpetua’s southeast.

Check out the painting inside to find a secret passage. Tablets at the end show where the three Leonar Temples are on the world map. You can visit them in any order. Beat each temple to find a Leonar Statue.

Useful Tips

Fighting 10 Crabs for Emblem

Tough early on without Mikah. Boost Glenn’s survival with Debuff Extender V. Start with Blade Reflection, then hit Glenn’s ultra on turn 2. For damage, mix AoE with Lenne’s moves. Use Toxic Shot + Pandemic combo here; it’s surprisingly effective.

8th True King Tips

Spoilers ahead! Grab elevator key in Nhysa, head back to the Tower. Use key on 2nd floor for basement access to grab lvl 5-6 Sky armor and a ticket. Use this ticket in Hooge to buy lvl 6 Skyarmor. Smash the boss with 4 Greatswords using the first skill spam. It’s super OP.

Class Emblems in Chained Echoes give huge boosts like attack, defense, and agility. Swap them between characters to match how you play. They’re key to maxing out your party’s power, letting you tackle any challenge.

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