Chained Echoes – Unique Monsters Guide

Guide to Unique Monsters

These are a special kind of enemy you can find all over Valandis. They spawn under certain conditions and can drop rare items.

Tak the Yak

  • Rohlan Fields (north of Farnsport)

Spawns always.

Leaping the Frog

  • Rohlan Fields (north of Farnsport)

Can spawn in one of three locations. Only one location is accessible.

Dwelly of the Valley

  • Kortara Mountains (land on a small island south of the entrance of the Wygrand mines)

Spawns always.

Gol D. Waterfly

  • Kortara Mountains (one of the peaks in the north reached by the bridges)

Have 20 or more Waterflies killed when going there.


  • Fiorwoods (central part)

Run 3 times around the trees directly east of the Gazer.


  • Fiorwoods (on wooden bridges in the west)

Have Ekskalibur killed and move directly to the wooden bridges area in the west without leaving the forest.

Da Capo

  • Perpetua (south, at the entrance to Ograne)

Chance of 25% to spawn when entering area.

Humphry the Hungry

  • Perpetua (south east)

Examine 3x suspicious sand vortex.

Otter Nobunaga

  • Arkant (beach west of the village)

Run without anyone in your main party wearing armor.

Hairy Otter

  • Arkant (beach on the Taryn Base Island)

Have magical characters in the front party like Lenne, Victor, Amalia, Bathraz or Magnolia.

Golden Borb

  • Shambala (area where first landed)

25% chance to spawn when entering the area with 100.000 arc.

Aurora the Sky Dragon

  • Shambala (north eastern island)

25% chance to spawn when entering the area.

Senior Tadeye

  • Ograne (western area where the Leonar statue is)

25% chance to spawn when entering area. If it spawns then no other Tadeye spawns in the area.

Bog the Real Gob

  • Ograne (exit from Raminas Tower)

Spawns when the Goblin curse is lifted.

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