Chained Echoes – Guide to Tomke Can Skills

Tomke learns action skills by eating enemies and then unlocking the skill in the Learn Skill menu.

List of Enemies and Locations

Tomke can learn skills from the following enemies:

  • Boxfly (Rohlan Fields)
  • Saliva (Rohlan Fields)
  • Titan Elementar (Kortara)
  • Adamant Crab (Arkant)
  • Alphoarn (Kortara)
  • Sewerdiver (Narslene South)
  • Seahorse Knight (Leviathan Temple)
  • Ice Devil (Mt. Rydell)
  • Terror Terrier (Phyon Oasis)
  • Ancient Turtle (Shambala)
  • Golem (Empyrean Ruins)
  • Vin (Fiorwoods)
  • Blemmyae (Nhysa)
  • Phantom (Nhysa)
  • Croapier (Narslene East)

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