Chained Echoes – Guide to Tomke

Tomke learns action skills by eating enemies and then unlocking the skill in the Learn Skill menu.

Tomke Guide

How to Learn Skills:

First, you gotta take down specific monsters to make Tomke remember a move. After that, use a grimoire stone to lock it in. There’s enough stones to grab all skills, but don’t blow them all on basic stuff like passives or stat boosts.

Top Picks:

  • Spinach Power: Must-have. Buffs the whole crew with shield and aura. Find it on a Titan elemental in Kortara.
  • Sailor’s Song: Super useful. Boosts your ultra move meter by 30% (or 50% when maxed). Only works once per fight. Beat an Ice devil on Mt. Rydell to get it.

Good to Have (But You Can Live Without):

  • Hard Swing: Solid physical hit on one enemy. Get it from a Box Fly in Rohlan fields.
  • Run Aground: Area earth magic attack. Snag it from an Alphoarn in Kotara.
  • Clap on the Back: Heals HP & TP for one member. Blemmayes in Nhysa have it.
  • Treasure Mark: Resets your overdrive bar once per fight. Fight Phantoms in Nhysa for it.
  • Broken Accordian: The lower Tomke’s HP, the stronger this physical attack gets. Seahorse Knights in the Leviathan tunnel drop it.
  • Sharing is Caring: Randomly changes one party member’s TP. Ancient Turtle in Shambala is your target.

The rest aren’t really worth mentioning. Stick to grabbing these, and you’re set.

How to Unlock Tomke

Unlocking Tomke: He’s available in Act Two of Chained Echoes. You’ll know you’re there after a three-month jump in the story, and you’ve got the Airship and Sky Armor for exploring.

Getting to Tomke:

  1. Use your Airship to head from Hermit’s Isle to the Arkant Archipelago.
  2. When you land, start the side quest The Food, The Chap, And The Hungry. Easy to find – look for a character that looks like a goat, wearing a yellow coat, right by where you first land.
  3. Finish this quest to open up The Hooge area and add Tomke to your crew.

So, once you’re cruising in your Airship, just make a beeline for the goat dude in yellow to kick things off for adding Tomke to your team.

Action Skills

Tomke can learn skills from the following enemies:

Skill nameSkill typeSkill descriptionTP CostMonsterLocation
Uncanny EncounterUtilityCans an enemy with HP below 25/30/40%. User might remember a new skill (one).10/10/10N/A (Default)N/A (Default)
Sharing is CaringHealSets target’s TP to a random amount (one).10/10/10Ancient TurtleShambala
Hard SwingAttackA physical attack dealing 1.8/2/2.2x damage (one).35/35/35BoxflyRohlan Fields
Run AgroundMagicA magical earth attack dealing 1.2/1.3/1.4x damage (all).40/40/40AlphoarnKortara Mountain Range
Rushing AnchorAttackA physical attack dealing 1.1/1.3/1.5x damage (all)40/40/40CroapierBaalrut Tunnel – Sewers
Clap on the BackBuffGrants HP & TP regen for 4/5/6 turn(s) (one).10/10/10BlemmyaeNhysa
ConvertUtilitySwitches target’s HP and TP in percent (one).30/20/10Adamant CrabArkant Archipelago
Cigarette’s LightMagicA magical fire attack dealing 1/1.1/1.2x damage (all).40/40/40Terror TerrierPhyon Oasis
Know Your LimitsUtilitySkills cost no TP for 3 turns. Afterwards, the user loses all TP (self).50/30/10VinFiorwoods
Spinning SwirlAttack1-5 Physical attacks dealing 0.8/1/1.2x damage (one). Staggers the user after use.35/35/35GolemEmpyrean Ruins
Broken AccordionAttackA physical attack dealing 4/4.2/4.4x damage influenced by user’s HP (one). Less HP means a stronger attack.30/30/30Seahorse KnightLeviathan’s Trench
Freak WaveMagicA magical water attack dealing 1.2/1.3/1.4x damage (all).40/40/40SalivaRohlan Fields
SacrificeHealSacrifices user’s life to revive all other party member to 1/25/50% HP (self).10/10/10SewerdiverNarslene Sewers
Sailor’s SongUtilityRaises Ultra Move Bar by 30/40/50% (self). Once per battle.30/20/10Ice DevilMount Rydell
Treasure MarkUtilityResets Overdrive Bar. Once per battle.30/20/10PhantomNhysa
Spinach PowerBuffGrants Shield and Aura for 5/7/7 turn(s) (all).60/50/40Titan ElementalKortara Mountain Range
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