Chained Echoes – End Game Tips

End Game To-Dos

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How to access the rest of the Grotto

Go to Raminas Tower after the story events have concluded. Get back on the elevator and go down. There is a sub-area filled with new enemies and 600-level weapons and armor. When you exit you’ll be back in the Grotto. There is a unique merchant with great merchandise. To the right is Charon’s Boat. Use the coins to access the rest of the area.

Ultimate Weapons

You need to have gotten the Golden Key in the final dungeon and beaten the story boss on the bridge. The next area has a large library. On the right-hand side is a book you need to read detailing the history of the weapons. This will open a new quest you can access via the world map. Talk to the NPC and if you give him a “Rusty” weapon with a Soul of Farnese you’ll get an ultimate weapon. You have to find each of these items throughout the world. The Souls of Farnese are in bright gold chests and from NPCs.

Ultimate Armor

This is all through the “Deals” section. It requires end game drops and steals from enemies. The ultimate gear requires drops from Unique Bosses you might have to farm. There are plenty of crystals and passives that increase drop rates. Use your bestiary to see if you’ve already encountered some of the enemies.

Ultimate Sky Armor

The secret Grotto merchant sells the Golden Ticket you can use at the Hooge to buy 600-level gear. You can also buy the Soul of Dayajir and upgrade that armor by talking to a mechanic in the smelting room on the left. You can also get Balthasar by paying $50K to the thief king guy you stole from to hire Ba’Thraz at the beginning of the game. His camp is located to the south of Rockbottom. Pretty sure you need to be level 4 with your base for the quest (Two-Winged Angel) to pop up.

Elemental Tablets

  • Kraken.
  • Exit Charon’s Boat, go south, fight dimension dragon thing.
  • Exit Charon’s Boat, go east, drop down to sewer mini-dungeon, boss fight at the end.
  • Mines accessed via Rockbottom. Miner’s Key is in the Goblin Village. Buy the “human language” book, talk to goblin on the right, he dropped the key by the merchant on the left, go to Rock Bottom, use elevator, follow the path.
  • One of the tablets is in the dark area you drop into before getting to the sewers. Go north and fight the boss, keep going forward and you’ll end up in an oasis with the fire tablet.
  • The last tablet is in the flower fields by the vine blockage which has to be destroyed by an item you buy from the merchant in the goblin village.
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