Control – Useful Tips for New Players

Tips for New Players

Launch is absurdly powerful. It deals excessive damage, even to armored enemies, and launched objects can often strike multiple enemies or even deal damage while being dragged into Jesse’s hand. Prioritize upgrading Launch and you’ll breeze through the early parts of the game which are often otherwise challenging due to your lack of abilities and upgrades. A near-fully upgraded Launch can instantly kill almost anything until later in the game.

Always save a bit of energy to dodge. While you might want to use every last bit of energy on Launch to maximize damage output, you never know when you will need to dodge a rocket or grenade, or an exploding Hiss. Fully expending your energy creates a delay where you can’t use any powers, leaving you helpless.

Stick to whichever Service Weapon form you are most comfortable with. Each has advantages and weaknesses but as the majority of your damage output comes from Launch, you primarily use the Service Weapon while you wait for your energy to recharge. Adjust your positioning in fights to take advantage of your favorite Service Weapon form, whether that’s hiding behind cover and sniping with Pierce, or surprising enemies around corners with Shatter.

Side quests and secrets often reward ability points. That means more Launch damage! If you’re struggling in a new area, go back and explore. Not only will whatever you find probably blow your mind, it’ll also make you stronger.

Hoard good weapon mods, and always scrap the ones you won’t use to rake in the Source. The majority of mods will be useless for your play style, and some are just useless in general. A few, however, are incredibly powerful. The simplest Damage Boost Mod is practically a Holy Grail of weapon mods due to how extreme the damage boost is. Other ones to look out for include Headshot Damage, Rate of Fire, Reload Speed, Energy on Headshot, and Blast Radius. There are even unique legendary weapon mods with a gold trim, but these are mostly in the DLC.

Similar to the above, make sure your personal mod slots are effective and appropriate to the challenges you are facing. If you’re having problems with getting killed in one hit, stack up on that Health, as well as Health from Health Elements. Energy, Energy Recharge, and Launch Damage are always good choices. A personal favorite is Ammo Recharge on Dodge. Paired with a weapon that can refund Energy in some way, this lets you unleash an endless barrage of bullets and projectiles while constantly evading enemy attacks.

Upgrade health and launch damage in the early game. Health because the more shots you can take to the face the more time you have to get behind cover, and launch because hitting someone in the face with a slab of concrete can always hurt more.

Remember to alternate between defensive and offensive fighting styles. Launch keeps most enemies away and from getting close and paired with the shotgun shot you’ll be better at keeping enemies off you in melee. Large groups with guns however I recommend just decimating them with a hail of bullets and launch ability use. Use cover and weave a lot in battle staying still is as good as being dead in battle.

Once you unlock side quests, refresh some quests till you get all of them in one or two sectors so wont need to run around the whole facility. I suggest focusing points into telekinesis 2 at least so you can have a “thought” free to catch a stray projectile.

Early in the game, you will probably shoot mostly and use powers only during reloading but you should swap that. Launch is REALLY strong. Swapping to launching everything and only shooting when you wait for your energy to refill is so much better and more fun.

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