Core Keeper – Farming Guide for New Players

This is guide contains all of the knowledge I currently possess about farming, grounds, and recipes. Bon Appetite!

Beginners Guide to Farming

Gearing Up (for Farming)

You really just need a copper anvil and you can make a copper hoe and a watering can. Find and/or dig out a suitable area for your farm, use your hoe, plant seeds and watch them grow ridiculously fast lol

The Seeds I Know About So Far

Currently the seeds I know of are as follows:

  • Bomb Pepper Seed (For Bomb Peppers).
  • Heart Berry Seed (For Heart Berries).
  • Grub Kapok Seed (For Fiber).
  • Root Seed (For roots that give wood; Note: Mine the wood, not the plant itself).
  • Carrock Seed (For Carrocks only works on stone floor).
  • Grumpkin Seed (For Grumpkins only obtainable Halloween).
  • Glow Tulip Seed (For Glow Tulips).

There are also some grounds that grow enemies/plants so here are all the ones I know of:

  • Clay Moss (For Clay Caveling).
  • Stone Moss (For Stone Caveling).
  • Fungal Soil (For Mushroom and Shroomen).
  • Slime Ground (For Slimes).


I will list here all the recipes I think are good for combat, and then I will try and list all the recipes I know. (Note: I have not played very long, so this portion of the guide is not going to be helpful past Hive Mother).

Combat Recipes:

  • Hearty Pepper Wrap (Heart Berry + Bomb Pepper gives a speed buff and a good health buff, pretty good for most your general combat needs, from normal enemies up to the first three bosses).
  • Mushy/Hearty Tulip Salad (Mushroom/Heart Berry + Glow Tulip It is pretty good because it gives a small-medium glow buff and gives a fair heal buff, and I only mention Mushroom in case you do not have very many Heart Berries).
  • Gooey Larva Steak (Larva Meat + Larva Meat it gives a crit chance buff, a heal buff, and moderately good food).
  • I can’t remember the name (Carrock + Grumpkin Gives defense, Mining Damage I think, and good health).


  • Glowy Tulip Salad (Glow Tulip + Glow Tulip pretty pointless, gives meager heal/food, and gives the same buff as mushy/hearty tulip salad.
  • Orange Mushroom Soup (Orange Cave Guppy + Mushroom Gives some mining damage, and also gives moderate heal/food. Due to the fact that you can get pretty much the same buffs mostly passive, I don’t think it’s really important).
  • Blue Mushroom Soup (Blue Cave Guppy + Mushroom gives some crit chance or dmg and gives moderate heal/food. As with Orange Mushroom Soup, I don’t think it’s worth it either, due to it being a non-passive food source, and you get the same buffs from passive food.

The Afterfarming

Once you have done all this and made your own bustling farm. Check my other guides: Glurch the Abominous Mass for Beginners and Ghorm the Devourer for Beginners. This guide was Core Keeper Farming for Dummies, and I hope you enjoyed it and it helped you!

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