Core Keeper – Ghorm the Devourer Guide for New Players

This guide is a (hopefully simple) walkthrough of how to prepare for, find, fight and beat a boss, specifically, Ghorm the Devourer.

Beginners Guide to Ghorm the Devourer

Gearing Up

When you fight Ghorm the Devourer, you are gonna want some gear, but he isn’t too hard. It just takes a simple technique and the right gear.

  • Armor: I recommend Bronze or Caveling.
  • Weapons: Slime Sword, and Fireball Staff or if you can’t get one a fireball staff works.
  • Off-hand: Swift feather for the fight, Lantern for getting there.
  • Food: I recommend, like with pretty much every boss earlier in the game, using Hearty Pepper Wraps

You can get Bronze Armor at a Tin Anvil, using Copper, Tin, and Fiber.

Caveling Armor is obtainable from Cavelings in the Ancient Ruins. They are the ones with the leather armor that kind of looks like caveman gear.

You can make a Slime Sword after beating Glurch the Abominous Mass and making it at his statue.

You can make a Slingshot at the Tin Anvil too.

You can get the Fireball Staff from killing Caveling Mages in the Ancient Ruins. It is a semi-rare drop, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it the first time. It is worth grinding for, even late game, due to it being a powerful ranged weapon with high damage.

The Swift Feather is easy to get, as for the fact that you get it from Glurch, and the lantern is craftable at the Copper Anvil.

Hearty Pepper Wraps are made by cooking a Heart Berry and a Bomb Pepper. I recommend about 10-15 for your first time if you are scared.

The Hunt

Once you are all geared up for fighting Ghorm the Devourer, then you should dig straight down from your Core (or follow a path you already have if you want to do that, it just might take longer over time). Keep going, bridging over, or going around, any ponds or chasms you might find, and then you should eventually find a big slime ground area. This might be his path. Make sure you didn’t just find a slime biome. If you did, keep going. if it keeps going in a trail, you found him. Dig a little cove into the side of his path, because if you stand in his path he will trample/kill you. Now, wait. Make sure to equip your Fireball Staff or Slingshot, eat your Mushy Tulip Salad and/or Hearty Pepper Wrap, and equip your Swift Feather.

The Battle

Now that you’ve found his path wait for him to come. A violent shaking screen gives away his ahem hidden aproach, and he has a glowing spike on his head that gives him away. Now, as soon as you can hit him with you fireball staff, make sure you do, and keep spamming. Once he gets out of range, chase him (Yes I know it seems stupid to chase after the giant murder bug but do it) and keep hitting him with your Fireball staff. Once you get him down to 3/4-4/5 health, he will go enraged like Glurch. He will stop moving, glow red, roar, and start chasing after you instead of following his path. Now is when you run. Keep trying to hit him with your fireball staff. You can’t outrun him, but you can dodge out of the way using [SPACE] and your swift feather. If you keep doing this, dodging out of the way and spamming your fireball staff, you should be able to kill him.

Once he gets down to [0/3660] then he will stop, roar again, start to explode (This is when you get back).

The Aftermath

Once he is done exploding, he will leave a two-block-long chest, sort of similar to Glurch the Abominous Mass’ chest, though it has very different loot. Inside you will find an assortment of stuff, with a chance to roll any one of these upon his death and your opening of the chest (Larva Ring, Larva Egg Necklace, Larva Chestplate, Larva Helmet, Flintlock Musket and Ghorm Figurine). Along with this, you should find a Golden Larva Meat, 20 normal larva meat, and another glowing blue crystal like the one you found in Glurch’s chest, only this one is “Ghorm’s Horn” and you see it on Ghorm’s head. Take this crystal and put it into the Ghorm Statue and you will see what it does, though you still need to fight one more boss before you have completed all the statues.

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