Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore – Crafting Guide



Making things is the backbone of Coreborn. You gather all the resouces and press [C] to open the crafting menu.

On The Left

The recipes you already have all the ingredients for will be highlighted. The recipes you are generally able to craft but dont’t have all the ingredients for yet are shown with lower opacity.

Further on the left are filters, vertical icons that you can use to sort recipes. The search bar at the top helps in finding specific recipes.

On The Right

Once you choose a recipe by clicking on it, the right side of the menu will show the name of the recipe on the top, with a small description text below. Hovering over an icon of an ingredient with your mouse shows a tooltip info that also contains info on where to find that resource in many cases. If that ingredient is craftable, a small arrow appears on the right that can be clicked to be guided towards the recipe.

Below that is the required crafting station and the necessary crafting station level. To be able to craft this recipe, you need to go to the station named here that has the required level, press [E] on it, and craft the recipe once you have all the materials.

These materials can be found right below the required station. The icon, name and required amount are shown here. If the name and numbers are in red, it means you currently do not have enough of that specific material in your inventory. The left number shows how much you currently have, and the right one indicates how much is required for this recipe.

If the material needed is craftable, you can see an icon lto the left of those numbers mentioned above. Click on it to be guided right toward that material’s recipe.

Lastly, at the bottom, you see the icon, name, and amount of the crafted item you will receive, and also a slider that allows for bulk crafting.

Unlocking More Recipes

To unlock more recipes, you have to unlock more expertises. These can be found on the Skill-Tree [U]. Once you click on an Expertise, the bottom right contains info on which recipes will be unlocked. For more Info on the Skills, please check the section “Skill & Expertises” of this Journal.

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