Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore – Skill & Expertises Guide

Skill & Expertises

To progress in Coreborn and enhance your crafting abilities, as well as level up your knowledge in areas like Combat, Hunting or Fishing you will have to make use of the Skill and Expertise System we have established.

Currently, you already have access to a bunch of Skills, and we are constantly expanding upon them to give you the opportunity to build a character that best suits your playstyle. You can choose the perks and advantages you find most useful.

Expertise Topics

Expertise Topics in the Skill Menu are marked as hexagons. Each expertise spans two expertise topics, which are related but do not build upon each other. These topics grant you small upgrades, recipes and two Perk points upon completion,, You level up these topics by using the related skill and gaining XP.

For example, If you craft smelting items, you gain XP in the Smelting Expertise Topic, while crafting advanced smelting items earns you XP for Advanced Smelting.

Perks & Perk Hubs

The circular Perk Hubs unlock when you reach a certain stage of progression in the related Expertise Topic. To unlock them, you need to invest Perk Points, which you receive at Milestone Levels of your expertise Topics, into the Perks of your choice. This will grant you upgrades, permanent buffs or upgrades for i.e. your Crafting Stations. Also it’s required to unlock progress to the next Expertise.

Since different Perk Hubs have more multiple ways of being unlocked, you can choose which of the related skills you would like to invest in to reach and invest into these Hubs.

Perk Points are limited, so you can’t invest in all Perk Hubs at once. Manage your points wisely and, if necessary, redistribute them with the special NPC in Coreheim, if your preferences change.

XP Distribution And Redistribution

Just like in the real world you can’t master everything. There is a maximum number of Expertise Topics you can fully level up. This means that you may reach the cap by simply playing the game and eventually max out.

When all Expertise Points are already distributed and another topic levels up, it takes away the Expertise Milestone from another Topic, causing it to level down just below the Milestone.

However, a Topic that has just leveled down is just 1 XP away from the next Milestone, so the next action tied to that skill will make it level up again, if it can gain XP.

Still, we want to give you the option to customize how your character is build and influence which skill you gain XP in. This ensures that you can choose which skills you really want to level up and focus on.

Distribution Settings

The default setting of Expertise Topic is “Up”, which means you constantly gain XP when using a skill.

“Lock Progress”, indicated by a fully filled diamond, prevents you from gaining more XP, maintaining the current level. Use this when you don’t want to focus on that particular skill at the moment and want to keep its level as it is.

“Only lowering progress” is an option for skills you no longer want to level. By selecting this you allow the skill system to draw XP from these topics to increase your progress in other. Skills marked with this symbol will be the first ones the system then draws XP from when levelling up a new skill.

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