Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore – Gathering Guide

Gatherable Resources

Many of the resources required to craft gear and structures can be gathered on the Survival Map. Some can be obtained by interacting with them through a simple click [E] while looking at them, while others require tools like an axe or a pickaxe. Discovering these resources is part of the fun of a survival game, but if you still aren’t sure about a certain resource, check the following list.


Balsam Beetle

An incredibly rare insect that very skilled foragers can find around fruits and other forageable plants.

Blush Bell

The rarest of all mushrooms in Ambros. Only very experienced hands know how to harvest it.

Dew Bee

An insect that gathers pollen from various plant life. Only skilled foragers find it on plants.

Dukes Head

These little mushrooms grow everywhere around the farmlands but need to be cooked before consumption.


A unique fungus that grows on crops and can be used in potions, if you know how to spot it.


This plant grows only in the farmlands rich soil and can be used to make cloth and clothing.

Fungal Spores

Experienced foragers can sometimes harvest these from mushrooms.

Gilded Gills

A very rarely occurring mutation that the most skilled foragers can sometimes spot on large mushrooms.


Skilled craftsmen know how to make it, and smart foragers know to look for it in dry and windy areas with lots of heat.


Only ripe wheats carry the type of grain that can be eaten.


A common little mushroom that grows in the shade. Only edible if prepared properly.


Not just any moss. Its source is a lot more agile than one might think.

Natural Oil

Can be gathered from the white Serenade Anchora plants in the windy hills of Ambros, where the Holotps roam, Chefs also know how to make it.

Plant Fiber

A very simple fiber that can be gathered from bushes.


A delicious wild berry. Forsveer love to feed on them. You should prepare them before doing so.

Pursenaries Cap

An inedible mushroom that’s quite rare and useful in many potions and other recipes.

Reed Puff

The fluffy tip of a water-loving plant.

Reed Stalk

A very dry stalk of reed plants that grow all along the rivers and bodies of water.


This sticky substance can be found wherever there are trees, but there is competition.

Ruined Plant Pieces

You aren’t quite sure what this is yet. More experience in foraging is required.


Mixed with other ingredients, this common berry becomes edible.

Salve Moth

This little creature loves to feast on edible plants.

Shroom Hide

More experienced foragers can spot these on large mushrooms.

Stem Fly

A rare little fly that lays its eggs under mushroom caps. Good foragers know this.

Unknown Fungus

You aren’t quite sure what this is yet. More experience in foraging is required.



A sturdy wood that comes from trees that thrive in the cold.


A rare wood that skilled loggers look for around water.


Gathered from young trees, these woody nuts can be cooked into a variety of meals.


Rare wood from the majestic Ellyonwood tree.

Fine Resin

Skilled loggers sometimes spot this when chopping wood.

Flawless Resin

Incredibly valuable but hart to identify without extraordinary knowledge in logging.


A wood known for its unique grain. It breaks easily when gathered by unskilled hands.


Very common wood that can be found in most of Ambros.


A wood that’s known to stay cool even in the worst heat.

Splintered Wood

Poor-quality wood, likely obtained with the wrong tool or when the related skill was too low.

Superior Resin

A rare type of tree juice that can be identified by skilled foragers.


It’s a twig. It comes from bushes. Nice.


Ambrosian Opal

A beautiful gem that experienced miners can spot even when it’s hidden in a piece of rock.

Ambrosite Ore

Only found along the peaks of Ambros by good miners.


When dirt and water come together, they form this sticky mess.


Burns hot and steady and can be found along cliffs in Forests and mountains.


A fairly common gemstone that can sometimes be found when mining.

Gold Ore

Hard to find and easy to lose.

Golden Garnet

When the right miner and the right conditions come together, these rare gems can be found.


A very hard stone that’s often left when wind carries away sediment.


Created when a miner with a lack of experience tries to harvest more complex resources.

Iron Ore

A commonly used metal that can frequently be found in rocky environments or on rusty red rocks in the grassy parts of Ambros Farmlands.


A rare type of stone that experienced miners can spot.

Quartz Sand

Dust of rare stones. A useful byproduct of a miner’s daily work.


A very unique type of stone that requires special knowledge to be shaped and mined.


Just some good old pieces of rock.


A chemical ingredient. Dangerous at times but useful. Look for it in sulfuric ponds in the forests, hill and mountains.

Tanta Flint

Among the rarest of gemstones in the known world. Only royally experienced miners can afford this.


Aisdir Trim

The trimmings of an Aisdir’s pelt.

Bryva Leather

Leather from a rare Bryva.


The pointy tooth of a carnivore.

Farmstead Teraiva Leather

Common leather with a unique pattern.


Feathered creatures carry these.

Feydveer Feathers

A special type of feather.

Fine Hide

Big yet swift creatures often develop this type of hide.

Fine Pelt

Protects creatures and humanoids from the cold.

Flawless Hide

Only the biggest and strongest members of a herd develop this hide.

Forsveer Feathers

Skilled hunters know how to get these without destroying them.

Frostmane Fur

The thickest fur of one of the meanest creatures.

Griz Fur

The fur of the feared Griz.

Haydir Trim

The trimmings of Haydir.

Holotops Scales

Scaly pieces of a Holotops skin, gathered by a skilled hunter.


Often breaks when hunting the creature carrying it.

Ice Resin

Frozen to protect its wearer from the bitter cold.


The skin of mid-sized and big creatures that roam the lands.

Lito Beans

It isn’t exactly a bean, and it didn’t exactly grow in the sun. Tastes good though.


A medium-sized piece of meat.

Meat Chunk

A large piece of meat from a large creature.

Meat Scraps

Small scraps of meat from smaller creatures.

Moon Hunter Fur

The rare fur of a formidable creature.

Mosdir Trim

Trimmings of a Mosdir.


Not just any moss. Its source is a lot more agile than one might think.

Mossotops Scales

Scaly skin of the majestic Mossotops.

Oreveer Feathers

Hard feathers of a very shy creature.

Oro Resin

The special resin of an Oropala.

Perfect Pelt

Gathered by the most experienced hunter, this pelt is of the highest quality.

Ruined Hide

Someone with a higher hunting skill could have found something more useful here.

Superior Hide

Gathered by an experienced hunter, this hide is of high quality.

Superior Pelt

Gathered by an experienced hunter, this pelt is of high quality.

Teraiva Skin

The skin of a Feral Teraiva.

Thick Hide

A big creature was hunted to obtain this hide.

Thick Pelt

A big creature was hunted to obtain this pelt.

Thin Leather

Very thin leather from small creatures.

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