Dark and Darker – All Alchemist Quests Guide

Here you can find all alchemist’s quests with descriptions, requirements, rewards and tips.

Guide to All Alchemist Quests

More Important Matters

A Father’s Legacy

  • Completion Requirement: Turn in Looted items; 1 Invisibility Potion, 1 Health Potion, 1 Protection Potion
  • Quest Reward: 50 Gold Coin, 3 Invisibility Potion, 3 Protection Potion, 25 EXP, 25 Affinity

Ice caves has many shelves around the map. You can find them lying around pretty easily.

Quest is working fine.

Golden Opportunity

  • Completion Requirement: Kill 5 Ice Kobold Archer & 5 Ice Kobold Axeman
  • Quest Reward: 50 Gold Coin, Ring Of Finesse, Falchion, 25 EXP

Let a kobold do their warcry to alert others, pulling nearby archers/axemen to make it easier to kill more quicker.

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Frozen Secrets

  • Completion Requirement: Explore the ‘Wolf Cave’ location, Must Escape
  • Quest Reward: 50 Gold Coin, 2 Wolf Pelt, Frost Amulet, 25 EXP, 25 Affinity

There is a Static exfil on the other side of the SouthWest corner of the room, and a boat exfil room directly north.

Quest is working fine.

The Darkness Within

In The Walls

  • Completion Requirement: Explore the ‘Dark Magic Library’ location, Must Escape
  • Quest Reward: 100 Gold Coin, Spellbook, Owl Pendant, 125 EXP

Do not hang out in the area longer than needed, area is pretty mob dense and it is easy to get caught by another team nearby.

Quest is working fine.

Mystic Inquiries

  • Completion Requirement: Kill 5 Warlock and 5 Wizard
  • Quest Reward: 100 Gold Coin, Shadow Hood, Mystic Gloves, 150 EXP

HAS to be your kill, assists do not count. Recommended to do in normal lobby so you see your kills as they happen & verify they are yours and not a teammates.

Quest is working fine.

Odd Ingredients

  • Completion Requirement: Turn in Looted items; 6 Intact Skulls, 2 Mimic Tooth, 6 Moldy Bread
  • Quest Reward: 100 Gold Coin, Falchion, Turnshoe, 150 EXP, 25 Affinity

Complete this as you do other quests. Warlock hydra can find mimics without opening every chest. Items are RNG based, may take several runs to complete.

Quest is working fine.

Other Solutions

Potion Trials

  • Completion Requirement: In Howling Crypts; Use 2 Potions of Healing, 2 Potions of Invisibility, 2 Magic Protection Potions, and 2 Potions of Protection. Must complete in one session and escape.
  • Quest Reward:  175 Gold Coin, Ring of Resolve, Loose Trousers, 200 Exp

You have to complete this in high roller since magic protection potions are only uncommon and above. I would just wear what gear gives you enough knowledge for the invisibility potion and then camp a static extract for the quest. -Its_Feign

Quest is working fine.

Winged Nuisances

  • Completion Requirement: In Howling Crypts; Kill 15 Death Skulls. Must complete in one session.
  • Quest Reward:  175 Gold Coin, Buckler, Halberd, 250 Exp

The pyramid room is your best bet on getting most of the death skulls for the quest. That is where I would start.

Quest is working fine.

Sovereign’s Curse

  • Completion Requirement: Kill 1 Ghost King and 5 Demon Berserkers
  • Quest Reward: 175 Gold Coin, Recurve Bow, Magic Staff, 500 EXP, 25 Affinity

It will probably take more than 1 run to get all Demon Berserkers.

Quest is working fine.

Not For The Weak

Lion’s Lair

  • Completion Requirement: Interact with Golden Chest in Goblin Caves dungeon (12x).
  • Quest Reward: 200 Unique Gold Coin, 1 Epic Hatchet, 1 Epic Stiletto Dagger, 300 Experience, 25 Affinity.

Hopefully the chests have produced the equipment you need for your next challenges. However, there’s one last obstacle to clear before you encounter the cave’s creatures.

Endure And Prevail

  • Completion Requirement: Survive Goblin Caves dungeon (20x).
  • Quest Reward: 200 Unique Gold Coin, 1 Legend Adventurer Boots, 1 Legend Wizard Shoes, 350 Experience.

You’ve triumphed once more in the moist depths of the Goblin Caves. Keep your spirit high because you have bigger battles ahead of you.

Battling Behemoths

  • Completion Requirement: Kill Cave Troll (3x), Kill Cyclops (3x).
  • Quest Reward: 200 Unique Gold Coin, 1 Legend Splendid Cloak, 1 Legend Tattered Cloak, 1000 Experience, 25 Affinity.

An immense victory! We should celebrate this! To celebrate your win, I’ve made a special mixture, but I have to warn you—it’s pretty strong!

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