Dark and Darker – Slayer Fighter Build

Guide to Slayer Fighter Build

Primary Perks:

  • Slayer for extra damage per hit
  • dual wield for faster swing speed
  • Sword Mastery gives more damage, action speed, and move speed

Final Perk is Any Filler:

  • Projectile Resist is worth a LOT, can sometimes make/break fights.
  • Swift isn’t worth as much since a lot of your armor is already light, maybe 2% MS.
  • Adrenaline Spike increases attack speed at 40% HP.
  • Combo Attack is great with faster swinging weapons like arming sword, shortsword, and flanged mace.
  • Weaponmaster is good to use with a bow.

Common Weapon Combos:

Arming Sword + Short Sword

Holding both LMB and RMB at the same time creates a faster attack combo than almost any other combination.

Falchion + Dagger or Short Sword

Falchion has high base damage, and your offhand will let you deal with rogues.

Flanged Mace or Warhammer + Short Sword

Armor Penetration from main hand, Short Sword triggers Sword Mastery.

For Secondary / Ranged Weapon Options:

  • Crossbow (really high alpha, good for engaging)
  • Recurve Bow (faster than longbow)
  • Longbow (slightly faster xbow)
  • Arming Sword and Round Shield (good for pushes)


  • Leather cap or Lizard
  • Any chest piece to fill in missing stats
  • Any gloves to fill in missing stats
  • Any pants to fill in missing stats
  • Any boots to fill in missing stats


  • Second wind and Sprint are the meta options
  • You can change Second Wind for Adrenaline Rush for a faster kill time.

Stat Priority:

  • Health/Vigor
  • Move Speed/Agility
  • Weapon Damage/Phys Damage/Phys Damage %
  • Action Speed %/Dexterity
  • AR / PDR
  • Strength
  • Everything else

I hope this was helpful to you!

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