Super Fantasy Kingdom – How to Unlock Jailer

Unlocking Jailer Made Easy

Unlocking the jailer is easier than maybe ever before. The Prison outpost is no longer needed, but will make unlocking the jailer easier. However the guide will show you how it can be done without the Prison outpost.

What You Need:

  • 3 Starting Workers
  • 4 Starting Orbs
  • 2 Outposts
  • At least 80 Starting Gold
  • As little starting food as possible-The guide is made to work with 1 Starting Berry and 2 Starting fish, but less food means more room for error.

What you Start With:

  • Orbs: 3 Ore, 1 Wheat
  • Outposts: XP and Stone

Day 1:

Optimizing workers on day 1 is critical, make sure not to produce more resources than you need, otherwise they might sit in your building and not in the storage at the end of the day.

  • Start with the outpost.
  • Place the lumbermill and one house.
    • Make sure not to place the house close to the spot for the quarry and the goldmine, you want to keep the small building spot for a geologist.
    • You want 4 Wood on day 1, 1 to build the quarry, 4 for the crossbowman.
  • Place the quarry.
    • You want 9 Stone, 5 for the graveyard, 4 for the Swordsman.
  • Place the graveyard.
    • With the starting XP from the outpost and the graveyard every hero you recruit will be level 2. Remember your heros won’t level up without food so the starting level is all you will get.
  • Place the portal.
    • Crossbowman, Swordsman and Monk.
  • Challenge the miniboss.
    • Halfling, Skeleton and Djinn are all able to kill the miniboss.

Day 2:

  • Hero from the old man.
  • Lumbermill upgrade, sawmill, goldmine.

Day 3:

  • Hero from portal for 4 ore.
  • Castle storage upgrade to 16.

Day 4:

  • Hero from portal for 8 ore.
  • Smelter.

Day 5:

  • Trader.
    • 2 Ingots for 3 Planks.
    • 1 Ingot for 3 Wheat.
  • Gold mine upgrade for 5 Ingots.

Day 6:

  • Hero from Adventurer.
  • Geologist on a small building Spot for 10 Stone.
  • Wood Wall.

Day 7:

  • Hero from Portal for 12 ore.

Day 11:

  • Hero from Portal for 16 ore.

Various Tips:

  • To build the wall upgrade you need the geologist to find one stone
  • Building Walls and Towers is not time sensitive, as long as you have them on the later days you should be fine
  • Hero upgrades remove the hunger debuff
  • If you struggle on the later days (12/13) you should use a hero upgrade
  • You should have enough wheat for one Monk upgrade through the miniboss, make sure to get 8 stone and 8 logs for the swordsman and crossbowmen
  • After getting the 16 ore hero make sure to produce ingots for the upgrades

Hero Tips:

  • Miner was my main damage dealer, miner has a shield so the Knights skill Inspire further increases damage.
  • Gremlin is a great damage dealer and has a shield so the Knights skill Inspire further increases damage; Can be put on a tower.
  • Halflings passive is strong. You have many weak heroes making the +1 Damage very impactful.
  • Djinn isn’t that strong on most waves but is great against the boss.
  • Ghost is a great damage dealer.
  • Shaman is a great damage dealer and his passive can help with tanking; Can be put on a tower.
  • Consider the Shield damage buff with the Knights Inspire Skill and the Metal Mage Relic or use Relics that further buff like Metal Arrows or Frost Arrows.

What if I Make a Mistake?

Following the guide perfectly should give you 101 Hunger when starting with 1 Berry and 1 Fish. You need 99 Hunger, so there is some room for error. You can get Heroes a day later than in the guide twice or you can have 2 heroes die as long as you revive them with the graveyard.

I hope you found this useful!

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