DAVE THE DIVER – Easy Bei Farm (500 Per-Day) Using Shark Teeth Minigame

Easy method to farm 500 Bei per day by playing the Shark Teeth Minigame.

How to Farm 500 Bei Per Day

The Strategy

For those wanting an easy way to farm up Bei, this method is an easy way to farm 500 per in-game day and will work 99.9% of the time.

First, head to the Arcade and play the “Shark Teeth” minigame (which you can play 5 times daily). Put down the max bet of Bei (for the total 500 per day, you will need to bet 100 each time, otherwise, do the max bet you can and work your way up to 100).

Once the round starts, immediately note which tooth has the cavity.

If the AI goes first, let him complete his turn.

Once it is your turn, count how many remaining teeth are up from the start to the cavity tooth (Do not include the cavity tooth in this number).

If it is NOT a multiple of 4 (4,8,12,16), press the number of teeth that would reduce that number to a multiple of 4. For example: If there are 13 teeth between you and the cavity tooth, you would select ‘1’ to drop it to 12. If there are 19, you will choose 3 to reduce it to 16, etc…

If it IS a multiple of 4, select ‘1’ (this will prolong the game, hopefully allowing the AI to make a mistake and get you off of a multiple of 4). Repeat this until your turn no longer starts on a multiple of 4, and follow the step above.

Once you have done this and the AI starts its turn on a multiple of 4, all you have to do is keep the AI on multiples of 4 to be guaranteed to win. To do this, keep the turn sums equal to 4.

  • If the AI chooses 1, you choose 3.
  • If the AI chooses 2, you choose 2.
  • And if the AI chooses 3, you choose 1.

I won’t go into the proof of why this works mathematically, but if you want to learn more about it, I recommend the video on youtube, “Can you solve the 21 flags game from Survivor?” the problem discussed there is essentially the exact same as this game and will better explain why this works.

TLDR: Make sure the AI always starts its turn with a multiple of 4 teeth remaining. Whoever starts their turn with a multiple of 4 is guaranteed to lose if their opponent plays correctly.

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    • If you open up the Sea Village Blacksmith Shop, he sells items used to upgrade your Weapons even further.

      Bear in mind, they are pretty expensive.

  1. I played a game similar to this when I was a kid and I won every time because I knew this math trick lol. The principle is pretty simple: know where it ends, know where you as a player want to end (the one right before it to force to other player into picking the bad one), then reacting accordingly in 3rds to force them into letting you manipulate the rest of the game. After a certain point it really should just be if they pick 1 you pick 2, if they pick 2 you pick 1, if they pick 3 you pick 3, if it doesn’t put you in the right spot then yeah pick 1 and hope they make a mistake. If you know the math then whoever goes first has a 100% of winning.

  2. Cool guide, but i got method faster and “no brain”
    Play “Find the Pearl”, record it with any soft and playback via 0.25 speed.

  3. Cool guide, but i got method faster and “no brain”
    Play “Find the Pearl”, record it with any soft and playback via 0.25 speed.

    • It’s locked at 60 fps so even if you see every single frame there’s still smearing and it can be hard to tell which shell goes where, especially when they all intersect.

  4. Was gonna to say, all you have to do is ensure you land 5 away from the tooth, then pick to place yourself just before the tooth.

  5. Count 5 teeth backward from the cavity (not including it), lands on it, let the Ai play its turn then choose the tooth before the cavity.

  6. The easy indicator:
    go for 4x+1 = 1, 5, 9, 13, 17. (20 teeth so max of 19 steps if the sore tooth is at the last one)
    Then once you step on 4x+1, match a sum of 4 with the opponent.
    If opponent goes 1, you go 3 // 2 & 2 // 3 and 1.

    Beause you want to hit on 1 before bite, and the stalemate number would be min+Max = 1+3=4, thus 4x+1.

    If the movement min Max were different like 1 to 13, then the stalemate number would be 14 = 14x+1.

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