DAVE THE DIVER – How to Best Use the Fish Farm

Fish Farm Tips

How you should use it depends on what is your goal in game.

If your goal is to simply beat game ASAP – keep only the most expensive fishes and sell everything else to maximize profit.

If your goal is some completionism like every dish level 10 then you should always keep 2 of each fish(and more of the more rare ones if density allows) and send to kitchen the remainder., ideally 3 star and sell everything else. Once dish is maxed – you can butcher or sell the remainder of that fish if you wish.

The main trick is that as long as density is below 100%(99% or lower) – you will be able to multiply any amount of new fish just fine as there is no limit to how much you can overkill the density.
My record is ~320% density.

My usual daily routine is to check on fishes every morning and lower fish density to ~99% while making sure to keep 2 of each fish I need and for the most rare fish I try to let them stack to at least ~8.

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