Demons Roots – Ultimate Prologue Guide

Definitive Guide to Prologue

All credit goes to Hentaika!

Geo Louise/Girl Part

You are free to equip anything, don’t worry about items not staying with you or anything.

There is no Autosave in the game – so make sure you save frequently.

I also recommend going to options and turning ON ‘always dash’.

Feel free to talk with everyone but the 2 secrets you need are in the ‘marketplace’ you will reach as you go forward:

  1. Near the ‘cat’ statue.
  2. To the very north in this same area is a hard hat – get it for another achieve.

Now proceed forward until you fight boss.

Use skills to keep it in either slip or faint.

Now you need to get an achievement for killing all enemies. First go west past boss and kill the lone enemy there.

All the remaining enemies are in the areas you have already been in.

Now backtrack for the other treasure:

  1. From marketplace where you got 2 achievement treasures go south
  2. Now smack the barrels to the right of the house.
  3. One chest is obviously in front of you.
  4. But there is one more hat hidden inside the house (this one is super good and makes the battles MUCH easier) – head 3 steps up from the chest and try going inside the house.

Scour the areas you visited so far for remaining enemies and you will get the achievement for killing all.

This is all you need in this part – keep going forward.

Demon Part

It’s linear with no secrets until your first mandatory fight with guards.

Once you can move after that – first click the statue to get back all items you gathered in Geo Louise/girl part.

Now there is an OPTIONAL item you can get if you want – it’s technically designed to be gotten via clue from an optional H scene currency shop quite a bit later on so it might be a bit strong atm.. but nothing too crazy.

No real reason not to grab it I would say – don’t use it if you don’t want to at worst.

To grab it:

  1. Go south until you see two columns(not ones near area start) and touch the Right column from right side. A special interaction will appear
  2. Return to where you started from and click the following:
  • Bottom left pillar from the top side.
  • Top right pillar from left side.
  • Statue where you got equipment from behind.
  • If done correctly – this opens a path to special weapon for Deathpolca.

Moving on – go south until you reach the next area (western district).

In this area there is treasure ACHIEVE.

Keep hugging west forest while going down and you will soon find an invisible path through the forest. Gives one of the pemanent stat boosts. Check recommendations for spending those above.

There is a tent to the east from where boss scene happened in girl part.

You can grab the equipment display.

Opening chest is OPTIONAL – clue is technically obtained a bit later into the game from one of optional H content spots. But password is 1936 if you want to open it now.

Chest has Ultimate Scroll.

Ultimate scrolls increase chance of ‘instant kill’ when attacking from the back. This eventually reaches 100% if you get them across multiple playthrough.

Keep moving until you reach west/north path split near the bridge.

West path has an equip piece/dead end.

Keep going forward now until scene/fight. After that go south and you will see a chest – to grab it simply go 1 tile north from the fence into the house.

There are no more noteworthy secrets so just progress and eventually fight an easy boss.

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