Demons Roots – Complete Chapter 1 Guide

Chapter 1 Walkthrough

All credit goes to HentaikaChan!

There is nothing noteworthy in hospital so just leave it when you can.

Now you are free to explore and are much more free in how you explore from now on.

As mentioned before – I will only mention noteworthy stuff like equipment/big amounts of cash and permanent stat consumables + other secrets and achieves.

But you are free to run around grabbing everything. This is where you get tutorial on “books” as well.. which are pretty much just exp consumables.

While new allies you get will usually start at lower level – I would say there is no real need to hoard those actively, but keep a few for such moments.

Stairs right north from hospital lead into room with permanent stat boost.

Go to the very east to grab a shield from the stand.

Now take stairs going down nearby which lead to library which is kinda like tutorial/insight on lore with minor loot in between. I highly recommend you to visit it since I won”t provide facts the library gives you. Read the books – there is even a perma stat boost among them. There is a high exp book if you go up the suspicious ladder too.

Head to the throneroom now for some cutscenes.

You can go behind the throne and click it from there for some treasure.

Now go all the way south and talk with a demon outside the castle to get sent to Estate.

There is also a demon south from him who exchanges books to a healing consumable – not really worth it.

Either way – demon near castle is simply teleportation tool to get you to estate without walking all the way. You can technically reexplore instead but there is nothing new that”s important.

Once in estate:

  • Plant near piano has 3k.
  • Play piano 5 times and talk to maid for a minor consumable.
  • Head upstairs and go west/east – it seems like a dead end with empty shelves but there is 50k on each side hidden in western/eastern walls 1 tiles from the very bottom

There is nothing else so go north and talk with demon to progress story.

A lot of enemies in the game drop some rare equipment, often a weapon with element you need… its not something important/required, just letting you know.

You can later buy most of them from special NPC for collection reasons if you really want to.

Top right cell has a secret room which gives achievement. It’s on the east wall below the bed.

There isn”t anything remotely important for a very long time so just keep progressing..

Eventually you reach the split path of west/north with north going up – west is a dead end with warrior bangle.

  • Progress out for cutscenes. You are in somewhat open area now.
  • Well can be used as shortcut to start of prison dungeon.
  • Shops sell mostly crap if you are gathering secrets along the way.

North stairs is where you need to go but before that visit west for a scene near monument.

Inside the palace:

  • West path is dead end with 2 revival items in barrels.
  • East is dead end with a shield.

Second floor has a “strong enemy” it will ONE SHOT you most likely. You will need to visit it later, do NOT fight it. Or at least save the game if you want to see yourself getting killed in one shot for some reason.

Behind this enemy are stat boosts.

Nothing important all the way until King”s throne room for an easy boss battle.

After defeating boss – there is ACHIEVEMENT you can get. Eastern wall in eastern room has secret path. to walk through.

Eastern room chest has stat boost.

Proceed to the north for first serious boss.

First stage of the fight – simply blind him and heal up.. eventually lily killer joins you.

Her special does quite a lot of damage. Deathpolica mostly heals/blinds.

After boss fight – feel free to grab barrels top right/left for revival items.

Return to the estate via the usual flying demon, he is near the castle entrance.

Cutscenes happen and you get to play as Ange. The house has a helmet you can grab.

There is nothing much to do – harvest everything and interact with chest near house 3 times afterwards.

Follow the story for a long set of cutscenes.

Eventually you reach Fckingdom – optional H scene content..

As game mentions – It’s fully optional but It’s one of the 2 main sources of H scenes, this one is more “vanilla”.

Main game itself has almost no H.

If you decide to enter it – first scene is mandatory but after that you are free to move around.

I won”t make in depth guide for it but instead quickly summarize it:

  • You can lose virginity on level 18 for a scene for anyone aside of Polca and Lily for whom It’s plot related.

Warning if you don”t want to lose a scene:

  • Each character aside of Polca/Lily has a “kidnapping” scene if she is still virgin. You need to see it first before you lose virginity here if you want all scenes.
  • The “virgin loss” in fckingdom can be done even as non virgin.

All girls have a total of 2 gachas they can do – one is after losing virginity though.

Each gacha has 3 scenes in total – they are mostly a variation of same scene though. You can save scum them to essentially do them infinitely if you reload any R, just make sure to toggle “skip” in the gacha menu so you skip scenes you have seen already.

You can view them from the menu any time you want anyway.

This area will update as you get more allies obviously.

The currency you get here is spent in shop to the south.

I will describe what the items actually are:

  1. Weapons/accessory – pretty obvious… and quite cheap… usually not too great… Polca has AoE whip which is nice when facing small fry.
  2. “Treasure maps” – those give you video clue to the secret like the weapon I told you about in prologue.
  3. “Weakening scrolls” – remember enemy who could one shot us that I told you to skip? Yeah, that one will be weaker if you use this scroll. I personally won”t expect you to use those since that kinda removes the fun in them and this whole content is entirely optional to begin with… but you are free to use them and revisit those bosses earlier than I will mention revisiting them.

To summ it up – there is technically nothing really mandatory to buy if you follow the guide.

Savescumming however would allow you to buy anything you really want as early as you want.

Keep in mind I will presume you aren”t using this content aside of maybe for equip/accessory.

Moving on with the story now, another long set of cutscenes.
You get a mini tutorial on Bad End Mode eventually – It’s basically the 2nd and final H content source of the game focusing on much darker type of H. It’s also a special “puzzle” game mode technically.
To actually “complete” it – you will need all characters before you try it seriously.

I will describe how the gist of it works instead:

  1. The mode consists of 20 floor long dungeon (and a guaranteed loss on floor 21).
  2. There is 1 unique scene for each heroine you write the name of when starting dungeon. To see this one you simply need to lose, no need to actually tackle dungeon at all.
  3. Each floor has “red orb” which gives a “reward” you need to “beat the stages” essentially, There are a total of 20 “red orb” unique scene IF you have the required girls.. otherwise a duplicate of another red orb will play out.

This is main reason I say not to bother early on… Since there are 21 floors(21 is game over) – if you want to beat all floors you will essentially see all of the scenes anyway so doing those earlier is mostly waste of time.

  1. There are a few unique scenes you can get on top of that with different requirements – I will mention them when I recommend getting them.
  2. After doing bad mode make sure to save the game to actually make game remember your save file.

The NW house has “surrender” option to get into bad end instantly.

Basically if you want to – at most grab a fast “loss” scene(select name of girls and lose to the very first enemy by only guarding) with each girl you have and stop at that. I don”t recommend doing anything beyond that for now.

But this can be done any time.

Moving onto with main story yet again, I promise no more such big distractions are coming.

Talk with Tadeira for 2 spirit stones and head east.

Now that we have 2 allies I will talk about strategy a bit:

  • Ange is the absolute queen of this game and IMO the only absolutely mandatory character in the game.
  • Basically she is the only one you will want in your party no matter what.
  • The reason for that is her being able to soak ALL damage for other allies. So you basically stack all best defensive stat on her and laugh and your enemy trying to do something against that. Becomes increasingly important the harder the enemies become.
  • She starts at level 1 so certainly feed her some books.
  • She is also top tier here since she can make enemy “slaves” die in 1 turn with big chance.

Regarding equipment – I recommend giving the sword we found to Ange for now since her other equip options suck atm. Instead use claw.

The area is pretty big but has nothing too important.

Let”s call it forest 1. For now feel free to grab spear at the northernmost point of the area and then head west to get to battlefield area.

Battlefield area has shortcut to starting area in the south. To continue however go further west into forest 2.

  • In forest 2 keep going west first.
  • After bridge head north into cave inside you will see 2 “earth pillars” and 1 stone forming L shape. Run around this clockwise multiple times until secret room opens up.
  • It’s the “treasure hint” secret room with weapon for Ange.
  • Go back and take an accessory + ACHIEVEMENT in the dead end of the cave.

Exit the cave and go further west. There are 2 splits both going north. Take the east one and hug the east forest to go through forest for a stat boost item.

Continue on north and you get scene whre Mebius joins you.

Return to Remnant Tadeira in the place you started to receive a lot of goodies including stat boost items.

Continue on north and you get scene whre Mebius joins you.

Return to Remnant Tadeira in the place you started to receive a lot of goodies including stat boost items.

Continue on north and you get scene where Mebius joins you.

Return to Remnant Tadeira in the place you started to receive a lot of goodies including stat boost items.

Go back to where you came from and proceed until next area – before going north go east to grab a chest with stat boost.

North is a bossfight.

Anje can make the “random gladiators” surrender with her skill.

Macho is the weaker enemy out of remaining 2. Polca mostly serves as healer, Anje can tank.

Inside the castle SW corner has an armor.

NW corner has the key you need to progress + weapon/armor on stands.

Progress to SE corner to open the door and eventually reach B1 area.

The door as you go through B1 is a warehouse with NPC who gives spirit soul stone + a party restore sphere.

As you go west past locked door and see a torch you will see a suspiciously cracked wall to the south. It’s an ACHIEVEMENT secret path.

Next up is going towards the boss.

Boss itself is very easy. Remove slaves via Anje and there is nothing more to it really.

You can now open locked door on the way back and pull the level. This opens up a wall north from where locked door was. You can use this to bypass enemy.

As you reach closer to the end of this “shortcut” – instead of going north and out of it go south instead for a chest you can’t see which has stat boost item.

As you return to 1F you can the open yet another shortcut afterwards and end up in a long set of cutscenes concluding the chapter.

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